The Smart Choice

With the high cost burden of raising children in Singapore, there is a role for more affordable milk, especially among those who are more financially savvy. Danone Dumex offers a range of optimal nutrition at various price points to cater to different needs of Singapore mothers and children.

rThe Smart Choice  

Government Move to Affordable Milk Brands

All formula milk brands sold in Singapore undergo rigorous Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) food safety surveillance to ensure that products meet food safety standards and requirements.1 These checks include:

1. Nutrition composition tests1 – to ensure adequate nutritional value
2. Documentary checks1 – to verify the accuracy of item declarations
3. Physical checks1 – to check for signs of damage and compliance to labelling and nutrition requirements
4. Sample testing1 – to test for hygiene, chemical contaminants (Eg. drug residues) and microbial pathogens (Eg. salmonella)

Our government and health authorities have reminded Singaporeans that all formula milk are able to provide the nutrients your children need to grow strong and healthy. Find out more HERE.2

Meeting Nutritional Needs

During the process of introducing solids, your child might take a while to accept the different foods being introduced and milk should still be a staple part of his diet.3 Formula milk complements your child's solid food diet to help achieve the Singapore Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Dugro is formulated in accordance to the RDA to provide your child with comprehensive nutrition at each stage.

Meeting Nutritional Needs  

Committed to you and your child

As part of Danone's mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. Dugro has been providing high quality formula milk for your child's development, at an affordable price for all families, through the years. Dugro being used in hospitals is a testament of our quality assurance and credibility, affirming our promise to you. Our commitment to stand by all mums has never changed.

Summary of Stage 3 Formula Milk Prices  


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