What is the best nutritional option for my child?

Calling all mummies and daddies — do you know if your children are getting the vitamins and minerals they require from solid food? How much can fresh milk help to supplement your children's diets? they are growing up at a fast rate and you need to pay full attention to their diet as missing key nutrients during these critical periods may lead to both physical and cognitive delays!1 So make sure that you provide them with a full spectrum of nutrients needed to cope with the high demands of their school and play time.

Dugro Milk  

Quick Facts

Take a quick peep at the following table comprising of the key nutrients that your child will need in their formative years and understand the differences between fresh milk and growing up milk formulas.

Table 1: Comparing Fresh milk with Dugro stage 3-4 milk formulas (per serving)

Brand M
Fresh Milk
DUGRO Stage 3
(1 – 3 years old)
DUGRO Stage 4
(3 – 6 years old)
Amount per Serving (mg) 244 220 245
Price per Serving (mg) $0.64 $1.05 $1.22
DHA (mg) 0 16.2 16.2
Vitamin A (mcg RE) 0 68 112
Vitamin D3 (mcg) 0 0.7 1.1
Calcium (mg) 218 251 359
Iron (mg) 0 1.9 3.1
Iodine (mcg) 0 28 38
Zinc (mg) 0 1.0 1.4

Table 2: Functions of nutrients


Table 2: Functions of nutrients


DHA (mg)

Building blocks for brain and eye.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A (mcg RE)

For vision, healthy skin and immune system.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 (mcg)

Essential for energy production and supporting the nervous system.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 (mcg)

Essential for energy production, vision and nervous system.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 (mcg)

Helps to maintain the health of the nervous system and red blood cells.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 (mcg)

Aids in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and lipids.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (mg)

Important for immune system health & helps in iron absorption.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 (mcg)

Required for absorption of calcium & phosphorous.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E (mg alpha - TE)

An antioxidant that helps to protect cells in the body.


Calcium (mg)

Helps to build strong bones and teeth.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid (mcg)

Helps the body produce and maintain new cells.


Iron (mg)

Helps red blood cells carry oxygen around the body.


Iodine (mcg)

Required for normal thyroid function and aids in brain function.


Magnesium (mg)

Helps to maintain nerves and muscles and is essential for building bones and teeth.


Niacin (mg)

Essential in supporting skin health, energy metabolism and nervous systems.


Zinc (mg)

Essential for cell growth and development, immune system, hair and nail growth.


Be Milk Savvy –
Why formula milk?

Dugro Stage 3 and 4  

DUGRO Stage 3 and 4 are higher in calcium than fresh milk based on each serving.

Vitamins and Minerals

DUGRO has more than 20 recommended vitamins and minerals that supports overall growth and development.


DUGRO has DHA which is a critical building block for brain development.

Shelf Life

DUGRO has a longer shelf life as compared to fresh milk (less than 7 days).


Nutrients in fresh milk would be destroyed if it is warmed up inappropriately.2

Cold Milk

If fresh milk is served cold, it may result in slower digestion and blood circulation.3

Achieve MORE with DUGRO

Get so much more iron in just 1 glass of Dugro!

Iron Content 
Iron Content 
Iron Content 
Iron Content 
Dugro Milk 
Dugro Milk 
Dugro Milk 
Dugro Milk 
Fresh Milk 
Fresh Milk 

It is this simple – Your child ONLY needs to drink 1 glass of Dugro instead of 27 glasses of fresh milk to get the same iron levels!4

Good news for parents

As shown in Table 1, all specially formulated Dugro stage 3 - 4 milk contain key nutrients needed for brain development, physical growth and digestive health.

Nutrients of the Century

Experts have warned parents to look out for the most important nutrients for their children which fresh milk is unable to provide.5 Your child may be low on the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D if they seldom play outdoors or go under the sun. If they complain of tiredness and are not eating well, they may be suffering from iron deficiency as they are at their period of most rapid growth.6 If this was to persist over a long period of time, your child could develop iron-deficiency anaemia that may result in learning and behavioural problems.7

But do not worry as a recent study has found that fortified milk formulas can help improve iron and vitamin D status of healthy young children.8 Let Dugro be your choice for so much more goodness now!



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