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Pregnant Mother Belly Photo


Are Dizziness & Breast Pain Pregnancy Symptoms?

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Applejack answered:

It is important to take folic acid even before u start to get pregnant. This is to prep your body. Need to continue to take the folic acid after u successfully get pregnant too. Above all, a healthy plate diet is also very crucial. Good luck babe =)


Michelle answered:

There are several reasons as to why one would feel dizzy. It could be due to low blood pressure causing too little blood flowing to the brain which may affect brain functions. Other reasons could be due to insufficient consumption of water which induces vomiting. As it is pretty warm in this time of the year, it would be recommended to drink more water to prevent dehydration. And to your query for breast pain, there are different reasons as to why there would be breast pain. When hormonal level changes from menstruation, it causes breast tenderness which may lead to swelling of the breast before your period, which is normal. You could try to wear well fitting bras to suit to your utmost comfort. Pregnancy kits are not 100% accurate, you could test another time if the symptoms still persist and you are still not having your period. Lastly, folic acid can be found in an abundance of food such as dark green leafy vegetables, fruit and fruit juices, liver, asparagus and eggs. Consuming food high in Vitamin C and B12 will also enhance the absorption of folate in the body. It is recommended to have sufficient folic acid in the body if you are preparing yourself for a baby as the first few weeks of folate consumption and absorption by your baby will prevent neural tube defects in them. Do continue to consume a diet with folate if you are unsure of whether you are pregnant or not for your own health too. If in doubt, always consult your doctor for further advice.

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Rainiez answered:

sometime for early preg, the test kit will not show positive or may just be a very faint line. But those seems to be the symptoms of body changes when I was preg, minus the dizziness. Perhaps u can wait a week later and check one more time.

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Su Wai Phyo answered:

and i am trying to conceive baby, should i start drinking folic acid?


Tony Tan answered:

You are not pregnant. Some women may occasionally have pregnancy symptoms when they are not pregnant. The condition is called pseudocyesis. It is a poorly understood condition that is rare. If, however, your period is still late after 1-2 more weeks, do recheck your urine for pregnancy. Do see a doctor if your symptoms are still puzzling.

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