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Consuming Glucolin (Glucose) During Pregnancy

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Gurpeet Kaur Bajaj answered:

The health effects of sugar are unfortunately compounded during pregnancy for a number of reasons. Excessive or even moderate sugar intake during pregnancy can have a very direct and negative impact on the health of you and your baby.The sugar story gets worse for pregnant women. During pregnancy, sugar is rapidly absorbed into your blood and in order to regulate this sugar, your body requires larger amounts of insulin which is released by your pancreas. If you are eating excessive or even moderate amounts of sugar, your pancreas is going to have a difficult time keeping up. If your pancreas falls short of its job, then your blood sugar levels stay elevated. This is a problem even if you not develop full blown gestational diabetes (which is insulin intolerance).If you would like to still have a little bit of sweetness in your life go ahead, in moderation, by choosing sweeteners made by mother nature. Enjoy these options in their raw, natural forms and keep in mind that they are still high on the glycemic index and can also contribute to tooth decay. Blackstrap molasses is exceptionally healthy and will add delicious maltiness to coffee and baked goods. Raw, organic honey with propolis is also considered an amazing health food and is an excellent sugar replacement.


Roxanne answered:

Glucolin is basically glucose which is a type of sugar. If you do not have gestational diabetes then it will be alright for you to have it occasionally. Glucolin provides a person mainly with energy, it is therefore suitable for days when you have poor appetite and feel low on energy. Remember that an excess intake of sugar can lead to unintentional weight gain so do practice moderation when taking any sweetened beverages.

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