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Pregnant Mother Belly Photo


What'S High Platelet Count During Pregnancy?


Michelle answered:

Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! Elevated platelets levels during pregnancy generally do not suggest a clinical problem since it is usually a reactive response to the pregnancy. However, an abnormally high number of platelets in pregnancy is far less common than low platelet levels, and the causes could range from infection, medication, disease or inflammation. In certain cases, increased platelet count can give rise to serious complications as a result of unexplained blood clotting. As elevated platelet counts can be an indicator of an underlying medical condition, it is highly recommended that you further consult and discuss with your doctor to address your concerns, especially if your high platelets condition is persistent.


Tony Tan answered:

A platelet count of 432 thousand is still within normal. It really depends on the laboratory range provided by individual labs as well. If still worried, I suggest you repeat the blood test for platelets again in 2 weeks. If normal, then there is no need to worry. A reactive high platelet level could be due to a whole range of causes which include: -Acute bleeding and blood loss -Allergic reactions -Cancer -Chronic kidney failure or another kidney disorder -Exercise -Heart attack -Coronary artery bypass -Infections, including tuberculosis -Iron deficiency -Vitamin deficiency -Removal of spleen -Hemolytic anemia -Inflammation, such as from rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, connective tissue disorders or -inflammatory bowel disease -Major surgery -Pancreatitis -Trauma -Burns -Exercise

Other Answers

Wong Love Ly answered:

When I was pregnant, I also did some readings on pregnancy complications. From my understanding, high blood platelets posed a high risk to both mum and fetus. Since your gynae suggested u to go for further tests, pls go ahead, anyways its just a blood check and it will give u piece of mind. take care!

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