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The Third Trimester: Last Phase Of Pregnancy

You are into the last leg of your pregnancy and soon, you will be able to hold your baby in your arms. However, you may also find these last few weeks most challenging. While you may find that some of the earlier changes you have been experiencing continue into this final trimester, we would like to highlight those that require special attention:


Bleeding at this stage may be a sign of something more serious. Please contact your doctor immediately.


To prepare your body for the real labour, you may find yourself starting to experience some mild contractions. They are usually less intense than the real thing and are lower in frequency. However, if you find yourself out of breath after your contractions, or are experiencing them very frequently, please contact your doctor.

Breast discharge

Your breasts can grow as much as 2 pounds by the end of this trimester. It is also normal to see a yellowish discharge from your nipples as you approach your due date.

Vaginal discharge

Closer to your due date, you may see a thick, clear or slightly bloody discharge. This signals that your cervix is beginning to dilate as your body prepares for labour. Should you feel a sudden rush of fluid, it is likely that your water has broken. Please call your doctor immediately.

Increased bathroom visits

By now, your baby’s head is pressing down on your bladder, causing you to urinate more frequently. What’s more, a cough, sneeze, laugh or even exercise can trigger leakage. You may want to wear a panty linear to avoid embarrassment.

Looking bloated

Fluid retention can cause swelling in the face and ankles. It may help to put your feet up when you sit and elevate them when you sleep. However, if you experience sudden swelling, it could be a sign of pregnancy complication. In that case, please call your doctor immediately.

Affected sleep

During this period, your belly is getting too big for you to lie down comfortably. Other sleep disturbances may come in the form of frequent trips to the bathroom, leg cramps and your baby’s kicking. Try sleeping on your left side with a pillow between your legs. Other symptoms that require immediate medical attention include acute stomach pain or cramps, severe nausea or dizziness and a painful or burning sensation during urination.

Get a week-by-week account of the changes you can expect with our pregnancy calendar.


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The Third Trimester: Last Trimester Of Pregnancy

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