Pregnant Mother Belly Photo

Pregnant Mother Belly Photo


Twitching In Lower Abdomen During Pregnancy

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Blissfulthots answered:

Ya that's normal. I also hve such kinds of funny feelings in me when I was pregnant =). So long its not painful!


Claudine Tan answered:

Muscular spasms around the abdominal area are very common in pregnancy especially when your tummy grow bigger. Common problems include gas, bloating and constipation. However, you should see your obstetrician if it gets worse or is associated with any bleeding.


Michelle answered:

As a pregnancy progresses, your expanding uterus is putting pressure on your pelvis. When your baby grows throughout your pregnancy, the expanded uterus will be pushed down on your pelvis as your baby moves deeper down in anticipation of birth. In addition, the ligaments supporting your uterus will stretch and shift to provide room for your growing baby, and some pregnant women will feel the pelvic having some stretchy feeling or twinges too. Sometimes, this may also cause air, slight pain or numb feeling. It may come and go. If you are feeling some discomfort over this, you can relief it by doing some pelvic exercises like relaxing with your hips elevated, taking a warm bath, or getting a belly sling to support the weight of your growing belly. Although these stretchy feelings in the pelvic area are completely normal in a pregnancy, do consult your doctor immediately if it turns severe with prolonged pain. Pelvic discomfort that is accompanied with other symptoms like vaginal bleeding (which can lead to low blood pressure) requires immediate medical attention to prevent complications.

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