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Pregnancy is an ideal time for mothers to plan out their future and the changes they will have to make in their lives when their child arrives. It is also a time to explore your options and decide how and where you would like to bring your child into the world.

Methods of Birth

Many expectant moms are willing to try something new and experiment with different options for labour and delivery. Some of the traditional and more modern options for the childbirth are:

Vaginal Birth
This age old practice is also the most common method of childbirth. Woman who give birth this way, do not have to stay in the hospital or the clinic for very long and can avoid the risks involved with major surgery, such as a C-section.

Of course, now there are medications available for the pain, but you can still choose not to take them. If you are knowledgeable enough about the various alternative methods of pain management, you can easily avoid an epidural, or a spinal block and have a natural birth. Even in a hospital, your decision will be respected if you inform your doctor in advance.

Water Birth
Water birth is not very common, but more and more mothers are opting for this unconventional method because of the comfort it provides. Additionally, an increasing number of hospitals and birthing centres are outfitting themselves with a birthing tub, though you can also rent one if you are planning on a home birth.

When you go into labour, you will be asked by your doctor to enter a tub of water, which is around 90-100 degrees in temperature. Once inside, your baby’s condition will be monitored using a special Doppler device.

In the final stage of labour, you may have the option to deliver the baby inside the tub or above the surface of the water. Water birth is a gentle experience for mother and baby, who has been floating in the amniotic sac for the past nine months and will feel right at home in the tub. As soon as the baby comes out, she will be removed from the water and begin breathing.

Water birth has been found to be good for reducing anxiety, relaxing the muscles and allowing more freedom of movement to the mother.

If you find this option appealing, find out if this procedure is available in your area, and if there is a trained attendant who can look after you and the baby in water. This method is not suitable for breech births, multiple pregnancies, or if there is a risk of complications.

Hypno Birth
As the name suggests, this birthing option uses hypnosis to help the mother deal with pain. According to the practitioners of this method, childbirth is a normal process where no body part is actually malfunctioning. Therefore, the pain you feel has more to do with the psychological effect of the contractions on your body.

To deal with this situation, moms are taught a few methods of self-hypnosis and controlled breathing. The process of controlling your thoughts may help in dealing with the contractions better and create a more pleasant birthing experience.

If you are interested, look for an experienced practitioner in your area. This method can definitely help you in coping with pain, relaxing and avoiding pain medications if you wish.

Caesarean Section
This is a surgical method of childbirth in which the doctor makes an incision in the abdomen and the uterus to remove the baby. C-Sections have a longer recovery time than normal delivery, and even a few weeks after the birth, there may be certain restrictions you will have to follow.

This method is usually suggested for women who are at risk of complications or birth defects are having multiple babies or who have certain health conditions that may pose problems during a vaginal birth. These days, many hospitals use C-section as a faster method of delivery so check if you absolutely need a caesarean before consenting to the operation.


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