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Pregnant Mother Belly Photo


Can I Drink Chicken Essence During Pregnancy?


Karen Pek answered:

Brand's Essence of Chicken is a natural health food supplement made from extracts of chicken. Chicken is commonly double-boiled with herbs in Chinese herbal recipes as it is thought to possess high nutritional value. The Chinese believe that chicken tonifies the internal organs and boosts Qi energy. It is important to ensure that Qi energy and blood are in harmony to ensure a smooth pregnancy. As chicken is a common source of food, there should be no concerns with drinking Essence of Chicken during your pregnancy. However always consult your doctor and physician before taking any health supplements or chinese herbs.

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roxanne answered:

I drank brand of essence almost everyday with no issue. My baby is borned healthy. I think it still depends on individual body during pregnancy. If you have no health complication during your pregnancy, should be fine. Otherwise got to check with your gynae.


Roxanne answered:

Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! During pregnancy, it is important that your body receives lots of nourishing food to enhance the immune system, balance the energy, and strengthen the lungs. Drinking tonic soup such as Ginseng and chicken essence will help to boost and restore energy, improve body’s immune system and stimulate appetite. Having said that, every pregnancy is different and changes do occur in a woman's body which might require special care from a medical specialist. So it is recommended to consult your gynecologist/doctor before taking any form of supplement or tonic during your pregnancy.

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