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Is It Safe To Drink Luo Han Guo During Pregnancy

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Daisyyap78 answered:

Luohan guo is used to treat colds, sore throats and coughs. It is pretty cooling, so its best to consult your doctor if u can take it or not. The best fluid during preg is to take plain water or fruit juices =)


Karen Pek answered:

Luo Han Guo is slightly cooling in nature and sweet in taste. It is a common medicinal herb used by the Chinese to moisten and cool the lungs and is especially suitable for curbing cough and throat inflammation, reducing phlegm, expelling heat and relieving constipation. Longans, otherwise known as Gui Yuan, are slightly warming in nature. They are often used to tonify the spleen and heart and nourish blood. It is recommended for those with poor sleep due to weak constitution and blood deficiency.Taking both herbs in moderation is generally safe for most people including pregnant mothers. As all herbs possess different properties and function differently, always consult a TCM physician to assess your body constitution before taking any Chinese herbs.

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Linda Lim Shiaw Wei answered:

Luo han guo is very cooling, more so than chrysanthemum With longan added, it's better. It depends on your body type too. Weaker constituencies one need to be more careful about what you eat and do. If you are not sure, just don't do it ;)


Roxanne answered:

Although there is minimal information regarding safety and efficacy of Luo han guo during pregnancy and lactation, several ladies have taken this herbal drink without issue. Drinking fluids during pregnancy is beneficial to keep you well hydrated. If you would like to try luo han guo, it is better to wait until after your first trimester. If in doubt, you may also speak to your doctor about it to address any concerns.

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