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Milk For Pregnant Woman With Gestational Diabetes


Arora Valley answered:

When you are expecting, you will have an increased demand for various essential nutrients such as Folic Acid, Calcium and Iron, to support your baby’s overall growth and development. The maternal milk supplements provides necessary nutrition for you and your growing baby. If you suffer from Gestational Diabetes, choose the milk supplement wisely - which is low -fat, sucrose-free and supports overall growth and development of your baby. However, along with all this, Gestational Diabetes has to be managed properly through proper dietary changes. This includes eating a carefully planned diet, getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight, monitoring glucose levels and, if necessary, daily insulin injections. You may want to go for testing for gestational diabetes around 24 weeks of pregnancy. Based upon the results of your blood draw, your physician will determine whether you're processing glucose effectively during your pregnancy, and may make dietary recommendations. Some diet tips: * Avoid sugar and foods high in sugar.* Eat complex carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, grains, cereals, crackers, bread, potatoes, dried beans and peas. * Eat fiber-rich foods such as whole grain cereals and breads, fruits and vegetables.* Avoid saturated fats such as fatty meats, butter, cream and whole milk cheeses. *Choose nutrient rich foods that are devoid of added sugars. This will give you a healthy pregnancy. Do not forget to make exercise a part of your daily routine! Along with gestational diabetes, other factors associated with macrosomia baby (newborn with an excessive birth weight) may be genetics; duration of gestation; or race. You want to give your baby the best possible shot at health, so it makes sense to be as proactive as possible about being careful about blood sugars ahead of time. If you manage your diet properly during pregnancy and choose the right maternal milk supplement for yourself, your baby will be a healthy weight baby.

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Irene Wong answered:

Take sugar free milk. Dumex mamil mama is sugar free. But best is to ask your gynae for recommendation.

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Jamie Julian answered:

I have four children. Youngest turning 1 year old and eldest is turning 6 years old in a month's time. She's underweight and picky about eating certain vegetables. Though she loves carrots and vegetables like broccoli but avoids other vegetables. Her 3rd milk tooth is gone and she does drink milk. Is it normal to loose lots of teeth than boys?

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