Dumex Mamil Gold

Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™+ Step 4

For children aged 3-6 years | 850g, 1.6kg
Milk source from Australia & NZ

Discover Happy Tummy with Dumex Mamil Gold:
  • Discover Happy Tummy with Dumex Mamil Gold:
  • Unique Prebiotics* that helps maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Contain DHA for brain development as high as 75mg per 100g
  • Increased Omega 3 & 6 as precursors of DHA and ARA
Dumex Preci Nutri+ Chart  

Your child's developmental milestones are your pride and joy. As your child approaches preschool years, your child grows in independence to make new friends, plays sports, creates crafts, and learns about the fascinating world.

Adequate Calcium and Vitamin D intakes in early childhood are essential for overall health and bone development.

Therefore it is important that your child gets the right amount of nutrition to fulfill his growing needs at this stage.

Introducing new Dumex Mamil® Gold Step 4, our most advanced growing up formula to support the overall growth and development for children aged 3 to 6 years old.

Specially designed with PreciNutri™+ system of nutrients and our unique Internationally Unique Prebiotic Blend (GOS/lcFos in ratio 9:1) to support good gut health, it optimises the right nutrition in the right amounts to meet your child's changing nutritional needs.

Dumex Mamil Gold - Information  

DHA as high as 75mg per 100g

Omega 3 & 6^: precursors of DHA and ARA

Dumex Mamil Gold - Protection  

An Internationally Unique* Prebiotic Blend (GOS/lcFos in ratio 9:1): support a child's natural defences.

Prebiotics: promote the growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain healthy digestive system.

Dumex Mamil Gold - Nutrient Content  

Calcium: helps to support development of strong bones and teeth.

Vitamin D: helps support calcium absorption and improves bone strength.

Vitamin E: an antioxidant that helps protect cells in the body.

Zinc: helps in physical development.

^ Omega 3 and 6: Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) and Linoleic Acid (LA)
# As compared to previous formulation.
* Unique prebiotic blend GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides), lcFOS (long chain fructo-oligosaccharides) in ratio 9:1 combination.

How to Prepare

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 1

Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing the feed.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 2

Step 2

Wash, and then boil cleaned bottle, cap, teat or cup in clean drinking water for 10 minutes.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 3

Step 3

Boil drinking water for 5 minutes, let it cool until 40°C.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 4

Step 4

Pour correct amount of previously boiled lukewarm (40°C) water into the bottle.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 5

Step 5

Add correct number of scoops, levelled off, of Mamil® Gold Step 4 Growing Up Formula.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 6

Step 6

Cap bottle and shake bottle gently until powder dissolves.

Reminder: Discard unused feed.

Feeding Recommendation

Age of Child
3 - 6 years
For Single Serving
Boiled Lukewarm Water
(approx. 40℃)
Dumex Mamil® Gold Step 4

1 glass (200ml)

5 level scoops (41.5g)

Recommended daily intake 2 - 3 servings per day. Stir well before drinking.

Standard Dilution

Add 5 level scoops (41.5g) of Dumex Mamil® Gold Step 4 Growing Up Formula to one glass (200ml) of boiled lukewarm (approx. 40°C) water. Stir well before drinking.

Guide to Milk Formula Change

1 to 3
4 to 6

Existing Milk Formula

Milk Formula with PreciNutri™+

Assuming you are feeding your child 2 times a day,

Day 1 to 3

Feed your child with his/her existing milk formula for the 1st feed. The 2nd feed should be Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™+.

Day 4 to 6

Congratulations! You have completely changed your child's feeding to Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™+.

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