Dumex Mamil Gold  

Dumex Mamil® Gold H.A. Step 2

After 6 months | 2x400g

Origin : The Netherlands

Dumex Milk Origin

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Dumex Mamil® Gold H.A. Step 2 is our most advanced follow-up formula containing partially hydrolyzed proteins. These proteins specially designed to reduce the allergenic potential of cow’s milk protein. A complete follow-up formula uniquely designed to help ensure babies receive a well-balanced, high quality combination of nutrients to support growth and development. It may be recommended by doctors for babies who require an infant formula containing partially hydrolyzed cow’s milk protein.

Dumex Mamil Gold - Nutrient Content  

Partially Hydrolyzed Protein: Gentle protein for sensitive babies. Protein helps support tissue building and growth.

Dumex Mamil Gold - Nutrient Content  

An Internationally Patented* Prebiotic Blend (GOS, lcFOS), Zinc and Iron: support a child's natural defences.

Prebiotics (GOS, lcFOS): promote the growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Dumex Mamil Gold - Information  

DHA, ARA: Important building blocks for the development of the brain and eyes in your baby. Contains Omega 3 & 6.

Taurine: helps to support overall mental and physical development.

Choline: helps to support overall mental functioning.

* Patented GOS, lcFOS in ratio of 9:1 combination
This infant formula contains partially hydrolyzed cow's milk proteins and is not suitable for babies with established cow's milk allergy. Consult your doctor before usage.

How to Prepare

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 1

Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing the feed.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 2

Step 2

Wash, and then boil cleaned bottle, cap, teat or cup in clean drinking water for 10 minutes.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 3

Step 3

Boil drinking water for 5 minutes, let it cool until 40°C.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 4

Step 4

Pour correct amount of previously boiled lukewarm (40°C) water into the bottle.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 5

Step 5

Add correct number of scoops, levelled off, of Mamil® Gold H.A. Step 2.

Dumex Mamil Preparation - Step 6

Step 6

Cap bottle and shake bottle gently until powder dissolves.

Reminder: Discard unused feed.

Feeding Recommendation

Age of Infant
> 6 - 12 months
Per Feed
Dumex Mamil Gold Step 2 Level Scoops
Boiled Water
fL oz
No. of Feeds per Day
Number of
meals of
complimentary food
1 - 2

For babies after 6 months, Mamil® Gold H.A. Step 2 should be supplemented with nutritious weaning food such as infant cereals, porridge and fruit. Minced meat and fish may be gradually introduced.

Mamil® Gold H.A. Step 2 Follow-Up Formula is formulated in compliance with FAO/WHO recommended Standard (Codex Alimentarius) for Follow-Up Formula.

Standard Dilution

1 scoop (4.9g) Mamil® Gold H.A. Step 2 Follow-Up Formula to 30ml water. Proportions to be changed only with medical advice. Inappropriate preparation might affect your baby’s well being. Prepare only one feed at a time.

Storage Instructions

Use before expiry date on the bottom of the tin. Store in a cool, dry place before and after opening to ensure freshness. After opening, close tin tightly and use contents within 3 weeks.

Guide to Milk Formula Change

1 to 3
4 to 6
7 to 10
>/= 11

Existing Milk Formula

Milk Formula with PreciNutri™+

Assuming you are feeding your child 4 times a day,

Day 1 to 3

Feed your child with his/her existing milk formula for the 1st, 2nd and 4th feed. The 3rd feed should be Mamil® Gold PreciNutr™+.

Day 4 to 6

Feed your child with his/her existing milk formula for the 1st and 4th feed. For the 2nd and 3rd feed should be Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™+.

Day 7 to 10

Feed your child with his/her existing milk formula for the 1st feed only. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th feed should be Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™+.

Day 11 onwards

Congratulations! You have completely changed your child's feeding to Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™+.

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