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Dumex Insights: Important Values to Teach Your Children

It is never too early to teach your child good values, as kids start learning and internalizing values from their early years1. As values shape a person’s behaviours, decisions, goals, and even relationships, teaching your kid good values is one of the most important roles you have as a parent.


While there are many values you can teach your little ones, there are certain core values you should instill in them from a young age to help set them up to become individuals of integrity.


You can start instilling honesty in your kids from an early age. The key to cultivating honesty is to create an environment where your child feels safe to tell you the truth2. If your child did something wrong like spilling the milk, discipline them firmly instead of harshly:

Be Firm

  • Explain to them why it is wrong
  • Helpm them see the consequences of their actions
  • Forgive them

Don't be harsh

  • React with anger
  • Punish them
  • Threaten them not to repeat it


For toddlers, use more hand gestures and facial expressions to make up for the limitations in language. Repeat yourself when necessary, albeit gently. Over time, they will value honesty when they see its benefits:

  • They learn to differentiate right from wrong
  • They bond with you
  • They are affirmed by you


A foundation in social relationships, empathy simply means that a person can3:

  • Recognize their own emotions as well as those of other people
  • Place themselves in someone else’s shoes and imagine how that person might feel
  • Imagine what response might help make another person feel better

As empathy is “caught” instead of taught, you can start cultivating this in your kid from as early as two to three years old. Allow your kids the time as well as opportunities to develop it:

  • Let them have playdates with friends
  • Send them to school
  • Bond with them at home


As kids learn by modelling after people close to them, one way to teach children about love is to show them4. Start showing love to your child from the very beginning. Take care to practice love through your interactions with other people, as your child observes you. Some guidelines to practicing love include being:

  • Kind: Avoid using harsh words with them
  • Patient: Repeat yourself gently when needed
  • Humble enough to admit a wrong
  • Forgiving them when they make mistakes
  • Understanding


As your child reaches the four to six-year-old mark, they are ready to take on more complex values like respect – basically acknowledging and affirming another person that their presence and opinion matter. Like love, a great way to cultivate this in your kid is to show them:

  • Acknowledge their questions and requests. This does not mean that you grant every request
  • Answer their questions
  • Ask for their opinion about matters affecting them

Be sure to practice respect in your interactions with other people, as your little one may be observing.


Responsibility is the hallmark of independence and maturity marked by the ability to5:

  • Keep one’s word
  • Be accountable for one’s actions

You can instill responsibility in your child by allowing them to make mistakes under your guidance:

  • Give them the opportunity to fail and learn from mistakes
  • Explain to them the consequences and let them bear it accordingly
  • Share your experience
  • Discuss solutions together

A practical way to teach your child to take responsibility for their own actions is to tell them to pack up their toys after playtime.


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