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Pregnant Mother Belly Photo


Do moms feel tired easily?

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Celia Chee Miao Jing answered:

Yes I've became more lethargic and weak after having my #2 as there's big and small to take care. However, I will still get my family (parents, hubby.. etc) involve in taking care of my sons so that I can relax and go out with friends or doing massage and facial. Try to relax yourself, if not you will become haggard woman! This is no good.

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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

No matter how tired I'm, I will still go out on weekends, at least we can relax from our usual hectic schedules. Prob u may wan to consider drinking Some health tonic? Like dom or yomeishu which can prevent u from getting tired easily? My hb drank waist tonic and he told me after drinking that, he doesn't feel sleepy easily.

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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

I used to be the same as you. After taking health tonic, I felt that I have more energy for my kids. And also seldom fall sick.

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Linda Lim Shiaw Wei answered:

me too. last time i always need some time to fall asleep, now i fall asleep the moment i hit the pillow even before the my hubby! I think theres no right or wrong, so long as that's what your kids and hubby enjoy together with you. A family who spends time together stays together :)

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Jacqueline Koh Mei Yu answered:

Maybe you wan to get some help in taking care of yoir kids, so that you can have some good rest/some me time/an outing with ur gal friends. It is not very good for you to always cope up at home.

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Raine Ang Bee Ling answered:

Maybe you can try to take chicken essence every morning? Thats whats i did.

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Cherlyn Wong Shee Ling answered:

For me it's more of a mental block. I still think I'm deprived of sleep, a side-effect from the first year when my son was born, although i do sleep a good 6 - 7 hours at least every night nowadays. Sometimes i even get to nap during weekends with my boy. Maybe it will help if you get others to help you take care of your children occasionally? Or think of what would motivate you to go out? For me it's a good blockbuster movie and a new restaurant.. :)

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Roslinna Roslan answered:

Well I' m a mummy of five kids my eldest is 7, my second is 6, my third is 5, my four is 2 n the smallest is 4 mths and I also felt tired like others mummies too althought I am a full housewife but my life is so challenging as time goes on I have to cook, do housework, teaching my kids and all this I did the same thing everyday n it is so tiring n stressful but I to make me more relaxed I get a time to read or do some hobbies that I like at home such as do creative things that can be sell from home. So Pauline do cheer up ok find some hobbies to make u relaxed we are here for u if u mid advice

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Chai Shiat Yang answered:

I think is because of hormone changed. I am also facing the same problem during my pregnancy, less talk, no active, sleepy, tired & listless all the times. Me & my husband is working in Singapore whereas our 1 year old princess is taking care by babysitter in Johor, Malaysia. We go back Johor every weekend & we never miss the chance to go back. Honestly speaking, we are really exhausted travelling between Singapore & Malaysia by public transport every week due to the situation of both custom. In addition, maybe due to environment changed or whatever reasons, my girl is still making noise & moving around while sleeping in sarung at night without open eyes. Typically, in such circumstance, we have to wake up several time a night. Because of deprived of sleep, me & husband cannot provide a very good care of our girl such as providing water from time to time. We have less family support in Malaysia & we are just renting a room in Singapore. Our dream is going to buy a house here after obtaining our citizenship here & three of us can be stay together forever. I had been seeing TCM for almost 2 years plus, even though I already used up all my 14 days sick leave due to tiredness but I believe without a healthier body, I cannot hold until today. Try to rest as much as possible & seek for assistance if needed.



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