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Your baby will grow and experience many wondrous changes over their first year. Simply click on any stage in your baby’s development to learn more about what to expect.

Stages in months

3 Months Old Baby


Your baby can hold their head up

Your baby’s body will have completely uncurled. They can hold their head up in line with their body and are starting to use their arms for support. They’ll continue to be fascinated with their hands and will start to stretch and reach for objects – although they won’t quite be able to grasp them yet!

Caring for your baby

Your baby may seem much hungrier; it’s more than likely he’s going through a growth spurt.


Your baby will soon start to make soft ‘cooing’ sounds. These will tend to start with letters like p, b and m, which can be made with their lips. It’s not surprising then, that ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ become some of your baby’s first words.

Their senses are growing

Loud noises will startle or make your baby cry, but your familiar voice should quickly comfort them! They now start to become very curious about what’s going on around them, and use as many senses as they can to explore their world.

Stimulate your baby’s mind and body

It’s the perfect time to hang a mobile above your baby’s cot at a level that’s just within reach. Bright colours, rattles and chimes will stimulate your 3 months old baby who’ll soon learn that reaching up to touch the objects gets them moving and making sounds. This is great for your baby’s hand-eye coordination.


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