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Your baby will grow and experience many wondrous changes over their first year. Simply click on any stage in your baby’s development to learn more about what to expect.

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The first few weeks

Your newborn baby has spent months snuggled up inside the relative peace and quiet of your womb. So it’s no surprise that most of their first week is spent getting used to the amazing new wide world around them!

Natural reflex actions

Your baby is born with natural reflex actions which they’ll rely on until their eyesight improves and muscles strengthen. They will tightly grasp anything you place in their hand, instinctively turn towards anything that brushes their cheek, and suck on any soft object placed in their mouth.


It won’t come as a surprise to hear that your baby’s main means of communication is crying! By responding quickly, you let them know they’re being listened to and give them a sense of safety and security. You’ll find that you’ll soon learn to work out why your baby is crying.


Your newborn’s eyesight is quite blurry. They can only focus on objects eight to ten inches away – roughly where your face is when you’re holding them close. It’ll take between four and six months before your baby’s eyesight is fully developed with depth of field and colour vision.

Massaging your newborn baby

Massage is a great way to help your newborn baby relax and develop a deep emotional bond between you – most babies love to be caressed!

Don’t worry about whether there’s a ‘right way’. Trust your instincts. Start by applying a little gentle pressure – your baby will let you know if they’re uncomfortable. They’ll often fall asleep during or straight after the massage, so it’s perfect before a nap or just after their bath.

Remember, there’s a chance that your baby may ingest some of the oil, so only use pure oils like sunflower or virgin olive oil. They’re safe, gentle on your baby’s skin and most importantly, they’re edible.


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