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Danone Specialized Nutrition (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. (the "Company" or "We" or "Us") values your privacy.

This Privacy Policy (which forms part of the Terms & Conditions governing the use of this Website) sets out the ways in which your Personal Data will be collected, used and disclosed by us in compliance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”). The Company reserves the right to revise its Privacy Policy at its discretion at any time.

By accessing and/or using the Website, and by submitting your Personal Data to us using this Website, you consent (or are deemed to have consented) to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy (as revised from time to time). Accordingly, if you do not agree to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy (including any changes thereto), you should immediately stop accessing and/or using this Website and deregister your membership. You may also withdraw your consent as set out in Section 7 below.

1. Collection Of Personal Data (As Defined Below)

We may collect your name, address, e-mail, birth date, gender, contact numbers, occupation, child’s details and personal interests or any other personal information that constitutes “personal data” under the PDPA ("Personal Data") when you register for membership. Your Personal Data disclosure is important to us as it will enable us to offer goods and services to you that are more likely to suit your specific needs and interests. Once you complete the registration process, you will qualify for all privileges as a member which includes special offers from the Company from time to time.

In the event you choose to sign up online using your Facebook account or link your Facebook account to your membership, the Company will receive the following information from Facebook:

  (a) your public profile (which includes your name, profile picture, age range, gender, language, country, and other public information);

  (b) the e-mail address you use for your Facebook account; and

  (c) your News Feed (which includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, pages and groups that you follow on Facebook).;

By choosing to sign up online using your Facebook account or by linking your Facebook account to your membership, you agree (and consent) that such information (to the extent that they comprise Personal Data) may be collected, used, and/or disclosed by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2. Cookies

A Cookie is a small data file in your web browser which tracks visiting information, so that when you visit our Website in the future, the server can immediately recognize that you have been to the Website before. We use cookies to personalise your experience in using the Website.

A Cookie is not a program that will destroy any files in a computer, but it is only used to track visiting information such as which pages users visit, at which pages users usually start and stop, and how frequently users visit the Website, etc. We do not use cookies to track the identity of the actual user. It will only tell if a certain computer has visited our Website in the past.

Cookies will not collect Personal Data such as names or e-mail addresses. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to have cookies in your computer, you may configure your web browser to disable cookies.

Benefits of Cookies:

  (a) to check usage frequency or visiting pattern. These tracking cookies help us to understand the user's character and habits. Moreover, it will help us improve our services, contents,       advertising patterns, as well as promotional activities offered on the Website to best suit individual needs; and

  (b) to evaluate the number of visitors. Different browsers will have different uses for cookies that can distinguish visitors as members or non-members. This information is useful for           presenting advertisements that best suit a target audience, evaluating user interests, and the user's internet usage pattern.

Users of our Website can change their settings for the use of cookies by changing their browser preferences. Please note, however, if you disable all cookies, you may not be able to use certain services on the Website.

3. Google

This Website uses the Google AdWords remarketing service to advertise on third party websites (including Google) to previous visitors to our site. It could mean that we advertise to previous visitors who haven’t completed a task on our site, for example using the contact form to make an enquiry. This could be in the form of an advertisement on the Google search results page, or a site in the Google Display Network. Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to the Website. Of course, any data collected will be used in accordance with our own Privacy Policy and Google’s privacy policy.

You can set preferences for how Google advertises to you using the Google Ad Preferences page, and if you want to you can opt out of interest-based advertising entirely by cookie settings or permanently using a browser plugin.

4. Use Of Member's Personal Data

All Personal Data collected will only be used to enable us to provide information on or offer goods and services that best suit our members’ needs and interests by mail, SMS, phone and/or e-mail.

5. Third Party Sites 

This Website may contain links, plug-ins, widgets or other connections to other sites and other sites may also provide links, plug-ins, widgets or other connections to this Website (collectively “Third Party Sites”). These Third Party Sites are operated by parties other than the Company. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Third Party Sites and we do not operate and have no control over, and make no representation or warranty relating to, the content, functions, goods sold or services provided on or obtained through, or the availability, accuracy, appropriateness, legality or reliability of, any Third Party Sites. We expressly disclaim all liabilities and responsibilities arising in relation to the access and/or use of any Third Party Sites, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur from accessing and/or using the Third Party Sites (including any virus, spyware, malware, worms, errors or damaging material contained in the Third Party Sites). You hereby agree to assume all risk arising from the access and/or use of the Third Party Sites, and hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waive, release and discharge us from all claims against us with respect to any loss or damage suffered or incurred from accessing and/or using the Third Party Sites.

6. Disclosure of Member's Personal Data

Unless required or permitted under Singapore law, we will not disclose your Personal Data to any other organization without your consent.

Certain promotional or marketing campaign activities conducted via the Website may be sponsored by another company, trade partner or business alliance. By participating or agreeing to participate in such activities, you hereby agree (and consent) that your Personal Data which is collected by us as part of such activities may be disclosed to the sponsoring company, trade partner or business alliance. However, we will notify you prior to any such disclosure and the purposes for which your Personal Data may be used, in which event, you can withdraw from participating in these activities if you do not agree to such disclosure/use.


The Company may also disclose information in the following special cases:

  (a) if the disclosure is necessary for any investigation or proceedings;

  (b) if the disclosure is necessary for evaluative purposes;

  (c) if the disclosure is necessary for the Company to obtain legal services; or

  (d) if the disclosure is required by law.

7. Consent  Of Members with Respect To Personal Data Collection, Usage And Disclosure 

If you consent to receiving information about the Company's products and services by mail, SMS, phone and e-mail, we will contact you by any of those communication channels to inform you about our news, activities, goods and services.

Members who have registered online can adjust their preferences at any time if they no longer wish to be contacted for such purposes. Please go to “My Dumex” and choose “My Profile” to change your personal settings.

For members who have registered other than through our Website, you can contact our Data Protection Officers Ms Michelle Ang, 63950380, or Valencia Lai, 63950377, to modify your preferences.

You may withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data by us for any purpose by giving written notice thereof via e-mail to our Data Protection Officers. Your notice should set out relevant details of the Personal Data in question, and the purpose(s) for which you are withdrawing your consent. Please note, however, that if you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain membership services, products or benefits to you. Certain offers, discounts and other benefits are also conditional on your consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data for purposes such as marketing. You shall be deemed to have accepted these consequences following the withdrawal of your consent.

The Company does not have a policy to sell or lease Personal Data to outsiders. However, as described above, the Company may disclose your Personal Data to a third party provided that the Company will inform you of the proposed disclosure prior to such disclosure and you will have the right to refuse such disclosure or choose not to use those services or to participate in any promotional or marketing activities which has been made conditional upon such disclosure.

8. Your Rights 

Members who have registered online can amend or update their Personal Data and adjust their preferences by personally logging in using their username and password at any time they wish. Please go to “My Dumex” and choose “My Profile” to change your personal settings.

If you forget your login name and password, you may go to the main page or member registration page and click on "Forgot your password". The program will bring you to the "Forgot your Password" page. You will need to type in the e-mail address used in registration, and the program will automatically send an email to your registered e-mail address, prompting you to reset your password.

Should you wish to know what Personal Data about you is held by us, or if you have any questions or inquiries concerning your Personal Data, please send an email to You may also use the aforementioned avenues to withdraw your consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data.

If you find inaccuracies in the Personal Data we are holding, you have the right to require us to correct those inaccuracies free of charge. If you wish to exercise this right, please send an email to specifying the information which is incorrect and what it should be replaced with.

Your exercise of the above rights is subject to certain exemptions pursuant to the PDPA.

The Company will endeavor to respond to your request within [30] days after receiving your request in accordance with all applicable laws.

9. Personal Data Security 

Each member who has registered online must have a private password to access his/her Personal Data, so that only that member can access his/her Personal Data.

The Company strongly suggests that you keep your login name and password secret. The Company will not ask for your password via telephone or e-mail. If you share a computer with others, please log out every time you no longer use our services or close your browser when you have finished visiting our Website in order to prevent others from using your information.

We will make all reasonable security arrangements to safeguard your Personal Data, for example:

  (a) Access to your account will be protected by a login name and password which are unique to you;

  (b) Personal Data will be stored only on secured servers; and

  (c) Only authorised personnel will be allowed access to your Personal Data.;

Whilst we will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard your Personal Data, please note that no data transmitted over the internet is completely secure. As such, we cannot ensure or warrant that a third party will not unlawfully access your Personal Data and you hereby acknowledge that you transmit such information entirely at your own risk.

We hereby disclaim any responsibility or liability directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with, any loss, theft, or unauthorised access, collection, use, retention, disclosure, transfer, copying, modification, disposal or similar actions with regard to any Personal Data held or maintained by us, except to the extent caused by our wilful default or gross negligence. You are duly advised to take all necessary precautions to keep your personal codes and passwords safe from unauthorised access.

10. Data Retention 

We shall cease to retain your Personal Data if the purpose for which that Personal Data was collected is no longer being served by the retention of that Personal Data, or if the retention of such Personal Data is no longer necessary for our business or legal purposes.

11. Other Issues 

You should be careful when disclosing your personal information online such as on message boards, chat rooms and e-mails as such information may be accessed by other parties. You should keep your personal information, login name and password secret.

12. Governing Law 

This Privacy Policy shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Any dispute in relation to this Website, all rights and obligations and all actions contemplated by this Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore.

Pictures, videos, statements or opinions made in this website are strictly that of the contributors' and do not in any way reflect the position of Danone. We do not condone and reject all slanderous, defamatory, obscene, violent, abusive, threatening and harassing comments in this website. Please note advice and comments do not replace any medical advice, do consult your doctor when necessary. We would appreciate if all users to practice basic courtesy and respect others' viewpoints. Danone is not responsible for the accuracy of claims, information, images, videos, advice or comments posted by all users, and anything contained in links to third-party content or websites. The information to be provided by the Healthcare Professional is general in nature, and has not been evaluated by us. The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements made by the Healthcare Professional are based on the personal opinions of the Healthcare Professional himself or herself unless otherwise noted. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified Healthcare Professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of the Healthcare Professional. We encourage you to make your own healthcare decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified Healthcare Professional that you engage in a one-on-one relationship. While the Healthcare Professional tries to ensure that the content of this information is accurate, adequate or complete, we do not represent or warrant its accuracy, adequacy or completeness. To the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of or in relation to the use of this information and exclude any liability, including any liability for negligence, for any loss, including indirect or consequential damages arising from or in relation to the use of this information.

To the fullest extent permissible by the PDPA, the Personal Data you provide may be transferred to a country other than the Republic of Singapore that may not have similar protections in place regarding your personal data and restrictions on its use as set out in this Privacy Policy. These countries include the places where we have business operations. Regardless, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure the security and integrity of your information. By submitting your Personal Data, you consent to these transfers for the purposes set out in “Use of member’s Personal Data” section above.]​​​​​

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