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Can I Expose Baby To Air Conditioning?

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Angela answered:

"I don't think so, need to make sure baby don't caught cold though especially in malls. "

april lim peirong

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April Lim Peirong answered:

"It is impossible that your baby will not be exposé to air conditioning, the moment your baby arrives, he/she most likely will be in hospital delivery suite with air conditioning. And Singapore is so hot and humid but I guess everything is moderation. For our girl, we will turn on the air condition at 9pm and will switch off the unit at 12am. Our elders believe to much air conditioning next ime old body will be too cold and have joint pain."

arora valley


Arora Valley answered:

"In the past when infant and maternal mortality rates were high, it was a practice to keep both baby and mother indoors during the period of confinement. This was meant to protect them from ill health. For personal comfort, there is definitely no harm in switching on the air-conditioner or fan, as long as it makes you and your baby comfortable. From a medical perspective, it may even help prevent heat rash from developing in our hot and humid climate. Babies chill faster than everyone else, however, so correct use of air conditioning is important. So make sure that air shouldn't blow directly on the baby and best is to set it to 25 degrees C. Since babies become cold quickly, air conditioning settings must be monitored, especially when heat and humidity fluctuates outside."

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Dene Tan Cheah Min answered:

"yes,baby will get nose congestion "

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Eve Chen Baoyi answered:

"It's ok to expose to aircon but not too cold becos not g "

fonnie lo


Fonnie Lo answered:

"It is not true that you cannnot expose baby to the air-conditioning. In fact, a baby sleeps better in an air-conditioning room with a comfortable temperature at around 22⁰C to 27⁰C as long as air vent should not blow direct to baby and chill him. An air-conditioning room is also to prevent heat rashes and dehydration. Some studies show that a appropriately cooled and ventilated room is to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, air-conditioner is a source of spreading germs. Maintenance and cleaning of air filter regularly is important. Make sure baby is well-hydrated under an air-conditioned room. Switch off air-conditioner and let baby have time to adjust to naural temperature before bringing him out to avoid falling sick by sudden change in temperature. If you are worried that baby get used to air-conditioning room or due to certain reasons, you can use fan for ventilation during the day and air-conditioner during the night for a good sleep.   "

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Jane Ng Shi Yong answered:

"I believe as long as not direct blowing on them and set above 25 degree is fine. Eventually you can train them sleep in non aircon room when they are older. Aircon makes them sleeps better. Baby are just like you and me... needs to be comfortable to be able to rest/sleep  "

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Janice Chua Hui Li answered:

"I don't think it is true. Babies are born in hospital which already has air-con. In the first few days of their lives, they are already exposed to air-con in the hospital. As such, I don't think it is true that you cannot do so. However. what you should take note is that, whether the air con is blowing directly at baby? Is the baby sufficiently dressed to keep him/herself warm. Is the baby having flu/cold ? Aircon may aggravate the situation. Also, is the air con filter clean? I think it 's fine to switch on the aircon in Singapore given our humidity and hot weather. It may help baby sleeps better. "

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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

"Nope, its ok for ur baby to be expose to air-conditioning. As long as they are well-covered and wont be able to catch a cold, everything should be fine. "

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