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Jin Yin Hua (Honeysuckle Flower) for Jaundince


Karen Pek answered:

"Jin Yin Hua", otherwise known as Honeysuckle flower, is bitter-tasting and cold in nature. It is often used to clear toxins and address heaty conditions ranging from fever, sore throat and ulcers to skin infections. Honeysuckle flower can be taken orally or used externally. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jaundice in neonatals is usually due to: 1)Damp-heat 2)Cold-dampness or 3)Blood stasis. Jaundice due to damp-heat is most commonly seen clinically. Honeysuckle flower is therefore only effective in relieving jaundice due to Damp-heat. Other than Honeysuckle flower, oriental wormwood, or "Yin Chen" is one of the most common TCM herbs traditionally used to alleviate jaundice. As always, consult a licensed practitioner before administering any form herbal treatment for your baby.

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Minieyap78 answered:

For infants who have jaundice, the mother needs to breasfeed as much as she can. Do tell your wife to continue to breastfeed her baby. This will increase the fluid level in the infant, and will lead to the drop in the bilirubin level and the yellowness will go away. If however yourbaby has high jaundice level, phototherapy is needed and will be advised your your baby doctor.

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ilovecupcakes answered:

I have a frd who used to share with me that the yellow jing ying hua can indeed reduce jaundice. U need to boil it in water, and then shower the baby with the cool boiled water. Bath for a few days like 3-4 days.. And she told me that indeed her bb gal became less yellow after that.. Well, am not sure if this really helps, but for me, it shd not have any harm in bathing in it, unless u have special concern on your bb being allergic to the flower? The best way is modetate sublight, I feel.

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