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Taking Care of Baby's Umbilical Cord After Falling Off

Arora Valley


Arora Valley answered:

"The umbilical cord falls off between the 6th and 12th day after your baby's birth. Don't worry if a little blood occurs during this time. It's normal to see a little discharge or dried blood after the umbilical cord falls off. Once the cord has fallen off, feel free to bathe her in a baby tub or sink. Pinkish ooze can also be common but bright active bleeding is not. (Active bleeding is when you blot the blood and it's immediately replaced by more.) Bleeding can occur if the cord is pulled off prematurely. Keep the area clean and dry. If the cord continues to bleed, let your doctor know."

Liew Woei Kang


Liew Woei Kang answered:

"The umbilical stump may bleed if there is premature dehiscence, and friction with the clothing/diapers. Remove the dried blood clots with alcohol wipes and the bleeding should stop naturally. See your local doctor if there is smelly discharge or reddened skin around the umbilical stump as this may indicated a stump infection. The advice is kept general and not a substitute for a consultation. Kindly consult your doctor or paediatrician as a detailed history and examination is important to come to a diagnosis and treatment plan."

Fazilah Barvin Shaik Mohamed Rafi

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Fazilah Barvin Shaik Mohamed Rafi answered:

"Yup, not to worry Kcycrystal, as long as its not excessive bleeding or there is no foul smell or pus. My Doc too gave me alcohol swaps to clean the area Baneocin powder to apply on the area. Just sprinkle the powder on top of the umbilical cord... If your girl cries alot or if the bleeding continues, you can use a umbilical cord binder (can be bought at Baby Kingdom, $3 plus) and bind it around the baby prevent the umbilical cord from being touched by the dress or the diapers."

April Lim Peirong

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April Lim Peirong answered:

"My girl too bleed a Lillie when her umbilical cord drop off, we used alcohol swap to clean the sera and applied Baneocin powder as prescribed by PD."

Jane Ng Shi Yong

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Jane Ng Shi Yong answered:

"Don't worry. Continue to clean with ur alcohol wipes and the powder med doc gave. Keep it dry. Should be ok"

Janice Chua Hui Li

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Janice Chua Hui Li answered:

"I can share my experience with you. My girl also had a bit of bleeding from the umbilical cord area. It's ok so long as there is no infection, no foul smell and no pus. Keep the area clean. Pediatricians used to recommend cleaning the base of the cord with rubbing alcohol but now most of them prefer that the stump is left completely alone, because alcohol is believed to irritate the skin and sometimes delays healing."

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