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My friends commented that my mom's essentials bag is very heavy


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Janice Chua Hui Li answered:

"My diaper bag used to weigh a ton. My hubby use to tease me that my diaper bag is heavier than his army bag. Now that my girl is 9 months old, I've reduced quite a number of things but here are still some of the items i bring - 1) diapers x 2, 2) swaddle cloth/napkin cloth (this is to put on those restaurant baby seats/to use as a blanket when the aircon is too cold in the car),3) spare clothing, 1 to 2 sets depending on duration, 4) toiletries (small bottles of lotion and mustela non rinse liquid), 5) changing mat, 6) wet wipes, 7)tissue paper, 9)hand sanitiser, 10) anti mozzie wipes (if we are outdoors), 11)teether, 12) small toys. If i am going to feed her outside, i would have to bring more things - 1) flask containing porridge, 2) milk bottles, 3) bowl/spoon, 4) bib. Sounds like my bag still weighs quitea bit. Think i'm the kia su mummy haha"


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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

"How old is your baby? How many hours are you out? The younger the baby, the more things you will need to bring. My boy is 2. These are the things in my diaper bag. Milk bottle & milk powder is a must. I don't bring thermal flask. I filled the milk bottle with hot warm, wrap hanky around and put in thermal bag (like that the water will be just nice in the next 3 hrs). If water too cold, will ask for hot water from McDonald. Diapers(1-2pcs), wet wipes (small pack of 30), pacifier, 1 set of clean clothes, 1 bottle of plain water."


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Koo See Lian answered:

"I carry my baby via carrier so I don't really bring a lot of stuff out. My diaper bag for a baby 2 to 4 mths old consist of: 1. 2-3 diapers, 30pc wet wipes, nappy cream, plastic bag all in a diaper clutch 2. 1 foldable compact diaper changing mat 3. Handkerchief for feeding (1 feed 1 handkerchief) 4. 1 set of clothes 5. For 1 feed, either 1 breastmilk in bottle or warm water in bottle in a thermal pouch + milk powder in disposable milk powder bag. For 2 to 3 feeds, one thermal flask with warm water just nice to be used for making milk, bottles and milk powder. If by 3rd feed water gets cold, just look for hot water from food outlets at where you are. 6. If latching baby, can skip step 5 and just bring along a nursing poncho."

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