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“It is sucrose-free and very affordable yet meeting the necessary nutritional requirement for my growing boy!”

Clarissa Neo
Mum of two

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“Dumex Dugro, rich in nutrients and sucrose free, supports my children growth and development.”

Hafiza Abdol Rahman 
Mum of two

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“Dumex Dugro has the comprehensive nutrients needed and contains DHA and Calcium. The price is also the most value saver compared to other brands.”

Loh Yun Lu
Mum of one


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+Based on the results of Singapore’s largest parenting movement, WeLoveSuperMom (Jun 2020) survey conducted among 125 mums with children from 1 year old onwards.
^Each serve of Dugro contain Fibre lcFOS, calcium, DHA and other nutrients to support growth and development. For more information, please visit www.dumex.com.sg/Dugro/Pages/comprehensive-nutrients.aspx
*The comparison is based on the content of DHA/100g* and Calcium/100g* with the 2 leading Stage 3 Growing-up Formula brand in Singapore. Information is accurate as of June 2021.