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List of Essentials & Must-Haves Baby Items

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of nifty gadgets, timesavers and nursery items in baby stores? Don’t fret! Here’s a handy checklist to help you suss out the must-haves from the nice-to-haves.


- A Cradle, Bassinet or Crib that complies with international safety standards. A crib is essential while a cradle or bassinet is a convenient option for the first few months as these portable beds allow you to have your sleeping baby near you at night.

- A crib mattress. Make sure that it fits securely in the crib, has good back support and isn’t too soft.

- A baby monitor. Not essential, but it does offer peace of mind.

- A couple of fitted sheets and waterproof mattress pads

- A crib bumper. Again, not essential, but lining the inside of the crib may be useful in preventing baby from knocking on the wooden sides.

TIP: For safe sleeping, babies should not sleep with anything but a fitted sheet over the mattress. Avoid putting additional bedding, pillows, quilts or soft toys in the crib. Keep baby warm by layering clothes or using wearable blankets or swaddles instead.


- Diapers. Stock up as you will go through many a day. Some brands may fit your baby better than others, so experiment with a few before settling on the best one.

- A changing pad and some covers.

- Disposable baby wipes and cotton cloths.

- Diaper rash ointment.

- Tissues and cotton wool pads.

- A dresser. Alternatively, free up some drawers to store your baby’s clothes and toys.


- A baby bathtub. Or sometimes, a low sturdy pail works just as well. Some parents may prefer to bathe together with their baby in a regular bathtub. Whatever your preference, always take care to support and hold your baby well.

- Some terry cloth towels and wash cloths. Hooded towels look cute but they are not essential.

- Tearless shampoo and baby soap. 

- A gentle baby lotion to soothe your baby’s skin after baths.


- Onesies are your go-to basics. Buy at least six and a mix of short and long-sleeved ones.

- Side-tie or side-snap T-shirts to tide you until your baby’s umbilical cord separates.

- A few pairs of pants.

- Stretchy sleep pajamas that cover from your baby’s neck to feet, or nightgowns with mittens keep your baby warm without the use of blankets.

- Socks or booties, mittens and two baby hats.

- A few thin baby blankets for snuggling, nursing or laying your baby down (except in the crib).


- A baby car seat is a must. Some stores offer a free fitting to ensure it is right for your car.

- A pram that suits your needs and preferably with a sunshade.

- A couple of toys will go a long way to soothe or entertain babies on the go.

- Disposable baby wipes and tissues

TIP: Some parents like slings or baby carriers for hands-free roaming, while others get by perfectly with just a pram. If you want to purchase a sling or carrier, make sure they offer good security, back support and are the right size for your baby.

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