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How To Induce Labour Naturally & Is It Advisable To Do So?



Jenny answered:

"There are no proven non-medical ways for inducing labor naturally. The only safe and reliable methods for inducing a labor involve medications given at the hospital, under the doctor's care and supervision. Some people on the other hand, try to & induce labor by having sex (In which an orgasm can definitely cause the uterus to contract). There are also some research suggests that acupuncture and acupressure done by certified practitioners may help to induce labor by stimulating the energies in your body. For all these methods, it is always recommended to discuss with your doctor. In any case, your baby will come out when he is ready to see the world."


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Daisyyap78 answered:

"Your gynae wil be the right person to give you advice if an induced labor is required or not. Usually if the baby s full term / big / overdue, then an induced labor may be recommended where appropriately. I tink for preg women who are going thru induced labor, u just need to prepare the the big day =). Induced labor is perfectly safe, and baby can also be delivered naturally. My 2 babies were induced and delivered naturally w/o complications."


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Winnie Yap Jin Yan answered:

"To induce birth naturally, you may want to try having sex, brisk walking (and it means lots of brisk walking), nipples stimulation or apply petrolum jelly such as vaseline during sex. If not, your gynae may prescribe a pill for you to insert into vaginal to increase dilation so that your cervix will open. Your gynae will inform you if there is a need, common reasons being your cervix has already dilated, baby's weight has not been increasing etc."

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