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Drinking Milk Or Lemon Tea & Conceiving Process


Arora Valley answered:

If you enjoy Pearl milk tea or Iced Lemon Tea , there's no harm in drinking a cup or two a day while you're trying to conceive. Drink in moderation since the sugar content of both are high. Too much sugar puts you at risk of quick weight gain, which may hinder your trying to conceive. As Pearl milk tea has Tapioca pearls, fruit syrups and milk products which add to fats and calories. A report from the Ministry of Health of Singapore shows that the average cup of bubble tea with tea, milk and pearls contain about 340 calories. The best way to have Pearl Milk tea is to choose 0% sugar, no pearls, choose skim or low-fat milk and no juice syrup. Iced lemon tea contains flavones and antioxidants, which are essential for leading a healthy life. But high levels of caffeine consumption is another factor that causes decrease in fertility. When you are trying to have a baby, starting out with a healthy body is important. Developing the habits of good nutrition, a very limited intake of alcohol and caffeine, avoiding cigarette smoke and maintaining an active lifestyle are recommended steps to take to prepare your body for pregnancy. it is advisable to talk to your physician, to know which drink is safe to be taken while trying to conceive.

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Charmaine Ong Yong Yu answered:

I am not sure how it affects our body but i would strongly advise you to stay away from Lemon Tea while TTC or even when you got preggy. I have a friend who suffered a miscarriage as she was drinking ILT during the early stages of the preg. Its is probably too "cooling" for the body. The pearls in bubble tea seems to have minor trails of contents which are made from "plastic" which is definitely harmful to our body. I do not know what sort of impact it will have on our health but in short, stay away from junk food/ drinks.

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Erlina Husada answered:

never heard that it will affect, as long as you take all things in moderation and keep a healthy lifestyle

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Pauline Sim Puay Hiang answered:

I don't think tea will affect pregnancy rate but for my case, drink tea will cause me to get yeast infection easily so i try to avoid tea as much as possible. I worried it is the tea which alter the PH level therefore causing unnecessary discomfort.

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Rei Yang Hui Fang answered:

I think most important is not to have too much of it as tea contains caffeine. And we should avoid caffeine during pregnancy. Maximum 2 glasses of caffeine a day. During my first pregnancy, I avoided my Favourite bubble tea.

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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

Never heard of it. Should be ok as long as you don't drink too much.

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