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When Should You Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant?

Your legal rights and responsibilities in the workplace

Understandably, most people don’t share their exciting news with everyone  in their workplace immediately but there are laws to protect you during your  pregnancy and maternity leave.

It’s best to let your employers know as soon as possible. But legally  speaking, in order to take your maternity leave you must tell your employer  in writing about your pregnancy and your plans no later than the 15th week  before your baby is due.

If you work in a hazardous environment or one where your job puts you or  your baby at risk whilst you are pregnant, you may want to consider telling  your boss early on. Your safety and your baby’s is the most important  thing.

Make sure you know all your maternity rights before you tell your boss.  Remember, your rights are the same whether you work part time or full  time.

Find out more about yourMaternity Rights  here.​​​


When Should You Tell Your Boss About Your Pregnancy

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