18 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s development

Your baby is growing fast and now measures around 18cm. The rhythm of their day is getting established, and they’re developing a sleeping habit. It may also be possible to start feeling your baby move. A set of unique fingerprints is starting to form on their little fingers and toes. If your baby is a boy, his genitals will become much more distinct and easier to see on a scan.

Make sure you rest frequently, take care not to get up too quickly and keep your blood sugar stable, as when this crashes, it can lead to wooziness. Try to stick to slow-release nutrients – such as those found in oats or fruit and vegetables, rather than a simple sugar hit.

18 weeks pregnant symptoms, signs and development

You & your body

You might find that you have dizzy spells sometimes and that’s because your heart is now working 40 to 50 times harder than it did before you were pregnant. And when you consider that your growing uterus is also starting to press on some of your blood vessels, it’s no wonder you feel faint sometimes.

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