33 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s development

At 33 weeks your baby’s immune system is getting stronger. When they’re born in a month or so, about two-thirds of their immune system is developed. Your baby’s skin is getting thicker and much less wrinkled, too. They now weigh about 4lb 2oz and are around 44cm long, (although there can be a wide variation in the size and weight of pre-term babies).

33 weeks pregnant symptoms, signs and development

You & your body

As a heavily pregnant mom-to-be, you need a lot of energy for a growing baby and a physically active lifestyle. But now your stomach is small (your baby has taken up much of the space it used to have), and if you can’t eat much, health snacks will help bridge the gap between each meal so you have a steady supply of energy throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

Try the following energy-wise snacks to help keep you going through the day:
• Dip fruit pieces into yogurt, or mix pieces of a variety of fruits, add some cereal, and toss together with the yogurt
• Dip pitta bread in salsa or hummus
• Stash small bags of dried fruits in your handbag to nibble on while you’re out and about

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