32 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s development

Your baby is now about 42cm long and weighs around 3lb 7oz. All of their systems are well developed with the exception of lungs and digestive tract, which need a few more weeks still.

When your baby is awake, their eyes are open and they’re doing lots of things that a newborn baby would do, like grasping at their feet and sucking their thumb. Your baby is also making lots of facial expressions and you’re probably fascinated to see what they’ll look like when they come into the world!

32 weeks pregnant symptoms, signs and development

You & your body

Sciatica causes a pain that can go from your back, over the bottom and down the legs and is very common during late pregnancy. It can be down a trapped nerve or the position your baby is in. Make sure you avoid lifting anything heavy and when you sit, try sitting cross-legged on the floor (like school children do). Or use a pillow to support your back.

When sleeping, see if you can lie on your left hand side, which will help the blood to flow better around your body and can help with sciatica during pregnancy. You might find that sleeping with a wedge-shaped pillow underneath your tummy or using hot or cold packs helps to reduce your back pain. And it’s wise to avoid high-heeled shoes! Seeing a physiotherapist can help in some cases.

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