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Where to Store Medications? Is Zyrtec Safe For Kids?



Liew Woei Kang answered:

"Sealed medications can be kept till expiry. Those decanted into bottles or opened medications, I would usually suggest keeping for 3 months in the fridge. Please check with your pharmacies as different medications may have special storage instructions. Zyrtec can be safely administered for years to treat a sensitive nose. However, it has a small risk of sedative side effect. The advice is kept general and not a substitute for a consultation. Kindly consult your doctor or pediatrician as a detailed history and examination is important to come to a diagnosis and treatment plan."


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Roxanne answered:

"What i heard from my doctor is paracetamol does not expire, it's just that it will lost its potency after sometime. So it is best to discard after 2 months opening. I have been giving my kid zyrtec and according to doctor it is safe to give regularly till you see improvement. Hope this helps!"



Roxanne answered:

"Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! Storing medication in a cool, dry and dark place will maximize their lifespan. Always keep sealed in their original container until ready to use. Discard any pills which are discolored, turned powdery, smell overly strong or any liquids that appear cloudy or filmy. Do not store liquid suspension such as Paracetamol, Nurofen or Zrytec above 25 degree and protect from light in its original packaging. You can refrigerate after opening but do not freeze the medication. Always follow the instruction on the label as all medication have different storage instructions/lifespan. Zyrtec is a new generation antihistamine approved for use in children and adults for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and hives. According to most doctor, Zyrtec is safe for long term use, as long as you use according to the recommended dose as prescribed by your doctor. Antihistamines in general are some of the safest medications to use for long-term. Having said that, one should never use a medication longer than necessary. Always consult your doctor on the usage of medication before giving it to your child as your doctor needs to have a thorough examination on your child before prescribing any medication"


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