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How do I burp my baby? Is it upward pat or downward stroke? Still have to burp once she starts solid food?



Arora Valley answered:

"All babies swallow some air when they drink milk. The air collects in the stomach, causing the child to feel uncomfortably full even before he has finished feeding. Excessive crying and sucking too rapidly during feeding will also cause excessive air in the baby's stomach. Burping helps to reduce the discomfort your baby feels after her feed as air is expelled from her stomach. To burp your baby, you may wish to adopt any of the following positions: 1. Over your shoulder- Hold your baby in an upright position against your chest, with her head resting on your shoulder. Now gently rub or pat on the baby's back using 'down to upward' movement until the burp is released. 2. On your knee- Sit your baby sideways on your knee. Support her head by placing your thumb and index finger under her jaw just below her ears. Gently pat and/or rub her back with your free hand using upward motion. 3. Over your knee- Lay your baby face down over your crossed legs. Position her so that your upper leg provides gentle pressure to her tummy. Support her head with one hand and pat or rub her back with your other. Sometimes a little or a lot of milk can come up with a burp. This is normal. Normally, babies outgrow it by the time they start eating solid foods. Feeding solids may bring in more air at first depending on how quickly they pick up good swallowing habits. Eating more slowly and calmly (avoid gulping), and chewing well should reduce air intake and aid digestion. You may also notice that they start to bring up air independently; as their digestive system matures, they will become better equipped to deal with swallowing air. Lastly, keep in mind that solids digest differently than milk. They may, especially at first, generate gas that you are not used to. So helping her burp can be comforting. To avoid any discomfort to your baby, burp her during a feed and at the end of the feed. If she cries excessively, try to burp her before the feed so that she will be able to take her feed well."


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June Soo Woon Woon answered:

"Downward stroke as taught during the prenatal class, it will help the baby to digest. Upward pat, baby will tend to throw out. But I have seen many people doing that, to each of its own I think, whichever works for them. Nope, I stopped burping him once he starts solid."



Fonnie Lo answered:

"Ways to burp a baby: Sitting on your lap: Baby is sitting up on your lap. Supporting your baby's chest by the heel of your hand while cradling your baby's chin in the palm of your same hand. Do not put your fingers around baby's throat. Lean baby slightly forward so that you feel your baby's body weight is supported by your hand. Baby's body is in good alignment. Cup the other hand and gently pat on the shoulder blade. On your shoulder: Baby's chin rests on your shoulder with one hand supporting your baby. Cup the other hand to gently pat on the shoulder blade. Upward or downward stroke is ok. However, the only difference is: there will be more milk coming together with the wind if by upward stroke, or it will take slightly longer time to burp by downward stroke. Most of the babies do not need to be burp by 4 to 6 months old as they do not swallow air as much as when they are younger."


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Daisyyap78 answered:

"It shd be upward firm and gentle stroke on the back. Usually only for milk."


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Minieyap78 answered:

"For me , I used to hold my baby against my chest, with her head resting on my shoulder. Then gently rub or pat on the baby's back using upward pat until the burp is released. Also its good to burp her during a feed and at the end of the feed."


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Arora.Prabhjot answered:

"You can burp over the shoulder or on the knee. Support her head with one hand and pat or rub her back with your other. I used upward stroke. Eating solid food generate gas too. So helping her burp can be comforting."

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