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Is Yao Lan Good For Baby? Does It Help Babies Sleep Soundly?



Fonnie Lo answered:

"Yao lan, or sarong cradle, will cause injury to your baby by falling out of it if it breaks or not securely properly. Baby will suffocate if he sumps in it and is unable to turn especially for the babies who are 4 months or younger. He might get bleeding in the brain from bouncing though light bouncing will not cause the adverse effect. It also will be difficult to wean the baby off. Once baby is used to it, it may be difficult for you to settle a baby to sleep when you are outside."


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Mixueer answered:

"Personally, in my own opinion, I do not recommend Yao Lan. First, the baby is still very young and sleeping in yaolan might not be good for their "posture". Also, they will become highly dependent on the yao lan. Worse, you might need to end up keep having to rock your baby to sleep. This can become a prob esp if you need to bring bb overseas. Try as much as u can to refrain from using yaolan."



Roxanne answered:

"Personally, I don't feel good giving my baby "Yao Lan" to sleep in, which is also known as baby hammock. Due to the very young age of babies (especially infants), somehow the use of Yao Lan will affect the development of their bone structures and eventually lead to poor posture when they grow up. This is because the hammock is made of cotton fabric with no back and shoulder support for babies when they sleep. When your baby has learnt how to walk or crawl, the risk of falling off from the hammock is very high. Having said that, there are still many advantages to using baby hammock. Babies love the motion of being rocked as if they are nestled in the safety and security of their mothers' womb. This will eventually calm your baby down and may make him sleep better. If you wish to stick to the traditional Yao Lan for your baby's sleep, do consider these precautions: 1) Place a mattress under the baby hammock so that when your baby falls, he will not hit the floor. 2) Always place the baby into the hammock on his back and not the front. 3) Do not put any pillows, blankets or bedding in the hammock to prevent any accidents of suffocation from happening. 4) As your baby grows, ensure that the hammock is able to accommodate his growing height and weight"


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Susie Lit answered:

"My MIL recommended Yao Lan as it will help to shape the baby head, keeping it nice and round. Personally, I am not so fond of the idea... but out of respect I let my girl sleep in the Yao Lan for short afternoon nap and I stop using it when she was 4 months old. However It does work and now my girl has a nice head :)"

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Willy answered:

"I am a if you ask me...I'll say ask the lady! Haha...more over she's a healthcare ask the professional wife! Her say? It isn't safe if you are looking at those that are suspended with springs, if you had read, there were many accidents in the past that due to manufacturing fault they spring gave way, baby fell...or babies grow up crawled out & over & fell. Whichever the reason was, it isn't safe. I also understand from her that many older generations like to say that it would help shape the babies head. So she closed this topic by asking me this question "Would an egg turn round after rubbing it in circulation movements?" And my answer was no. I guess the ultimate choice for me is my BB's safety. And the shape of the the least of my care...not as though the head is squared or triangled! What is wrong is it is not so rounded?! So long my BB is safe and healthy, it's more than enough for me. Guess, after all as parents, we only want the best for our child...the safe & healthy way! =)"

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