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How To Remove Dirt In Baby's Bellybutton?




Fonnie Lo answered:

"Continue to clean your baby's umbilical cord with cotton buds wet with cord spirit/cooled boiled water or alcohol swab till it is clean and dry after it dropped off. Consult your paediatrician if there is umbilical granuloma for he/she might prescribe Silver Nitrate to burn it off. Dry gently with a clean wash cloth/cotton buds after bathing your baby. Use cotton bud with cord spirit to clean off dirt or baby oil to soften it before cleaning off if it attaches firmly. "

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roxanne answered:

"I used to clean with a damp cloth only and it is good enough or you can use a cotton bud to swirl in the naval after bathing, but not going too deep inside. "




Roxanne answered:

"Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! In some babies, once the umbilical cord has fallen off, the belly button area will start to heal slowly and looks moist, pink and lumpy. This is usually a harmless condition called an umbilical granuloma. If you observe this, you need to alert your doctor immediately. Cord Spirit and Chlorhexidine solution are prescribed to use as a disinfectant for newborn babies to clean the umbilical cord stump. You can also continue to use if there is some discharge after the cord has come off. Other than that, you should just clean the naval area with a damp cloth or cotton tip dipped with cooled, boiled water and swirl round the navel. Try to clean the naval area for at least twice a day during bath time to avoid dirt accumulating within the naval area. If in doubt, do consult your doctor for further advice. Hope this helps! "

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