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When to bring our baby for first haircut?


Roxanne answered:

A child's first hair cut is usually an important event for many parents. In Chinese culture, it's a practice to shave baby's hair during their first or fourth month of life to shed the birth hair they received from the womb. After the shave, both mom and baby are required to take a bath with pomelo leaves to ward off evil spirits. Another reason for doing so is because the Chinese elders believe shaving the infant hair helps them grow thicker. Personally I think there is no ideal time for baby haircut and it all depends on the parents. If your baby is born with a full bloom of hair, you may hesitate to shave or cut it off till you notice sign of hair dropping which is very common among infants. In fact, the right time to get your baby for a good hair cut is when he/she is able to sit upright independently on your lap so it is easy for the stylist to do a good job on your baby's hair.

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Linda Lim Shiaw Wei answered:

when theres enough hair?? ;p haha ok seriously, some traditional customs require in the first month. some when the hair dropped or has cradle cap untill ugly there is no scientific proof that cutting of hair will make hair grow thicker or nicer, but who cares, who will still do it dont we, mummies?

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yeosoonchye answered:

I bring my son for first hair cut when he turn 1mth.

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Susie Lit answered:

It is usually done on the 1st or 4th month..or when baby can sit up. My girl was born with a full bloom of hair and during her first month we did trim off a little at the back. Shaving is a personal preference.

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Ma Xiao Ming answered:

Base on Chinese tradition, normally will have first haircut for baby on the full month day. I didn't do it for my elder boy as I don't want to shave his thick hair, however, I was wrong as his hair started to drop slowly and become quite thin after that. We still shaved botak for him after few months.

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April Lim Peirong answered:

I feel this is personal preference. Same as Angela, my mother in law cut my girls hair when she was a month old for a meaning as I did not believed in shaving my girls hair. I am worried that hair will not grow back.

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Angela Wong Xiao Wen answered:

chinese saying is when baby is 1 month old to cut his hair. But my baby did not have enuff hair, so I only cut off a few strands of hair for a meaning.... =)

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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

Anytime when u think is time for haircut. My girl had her 1st haircut @ the age of 5! And my boy 4 months.

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