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How To Make Vagina Good For Conceiving Baby Boy?


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Evonne Soh answered:

"i watched a documentary before that the chances will be higher if you do it one day before or on the day of your ovulation. It was also suggested that you should eat more red meat and men to take multi vits that have zinc."

april lim peirong

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Felicia Goh Sim Huay answered:

"Male sperm swims faster but dies faster too. So when the male sperms swim in, they must meet the egg if not they will die easily. So do it when you are ovulating. Use ovulation test kit to test for ovulation or you can calculate if you have 28 day menstrual cycle. My 2nd pregnancy, I'm carrying a boy. It was an 'accident'. I actually washed away after doing the deed but I still conceived. So from the very beginning, my gynae predicted I'll be having a boy as the sperm is a fast swimmer, swam in before i could flash it out. As for food wise, I'm sorry I don't believe that method as my bro followed it & he got 2 girls."

arora valley

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Florencia Edith Wiria answered:

"1) Both you and hubby eat lots of meat. All my friends and I that have boys are testified meat-eaters. LOL 2) Don't plan... just DO IT! Let you conceive by accidents. Both my boys are sort of unplanned. A colleague has 3 girls already (all sort of planned), but this last one on the way is a boy and according to them the wife's pregnancy was sort of an accident. hahaha...."

yang wei 753

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Gurpeet Kaur Bajaj answered:

"There are some safe methods that would help you to make better chances of conceiving with a baby boy. Some of the ways may be just wives’ tales, but what have you got to lose? Getting pregnant with a boy is easy, if you exactly know what you are doing.Here are some of the easy ways: pH level The pH level of women’s vagina can greatly influence the gender of your baby. Low PH level i.e. an alkaline environment, favors the baby boy. This is because, ‘male’ sperms are speedy but not strong enough to survive in acidic environment. Alkaline environment is friendly for these sperms as they begin to die quickly, when they reach vaginal track. Alkaline pH level also promotes a thin line around the cervix that help the male sperm to quickly get to egg and fertilize them. Lemon and watermelon are the best food to promote and maintain alkaline level in your body. Orgasm Having an orgasm makes the vagina more alkaline, which favors 'male' sperm, and causes contractions to speed up the movement of the sperm to the awaiting egg. These factors favor the faster male sperm reaching the egg before the 'female' sperm. So, good foreplay and love-making goes a long way to help you get pregnant with a boy. Ovulation Another method to increase your chances to conceive a boy, is to have sex just before you ovulate. ‘Male’ sperm can only survive for 2 to 3 days, while the ‘female’ sperm can live for 5 to 6 days. According to a study, prior are speedy but weak and the later are slow but strong. So now that we know that ‘male’ sperm don’t last longer, you must make sure to have sex as close to your ovulation as possible. ‘Female’ sperms are stronger and slower sperms and they just hang on and wait for egg. Refrain from sex 4 to 5 days before your ovulation. So, keep track of your menstrual cycle and be attentive to the signals of ovulation. Women, who have menstrual cycle of 28 days mostly ovulate on the 14 day. If your menstrual cycle is not regular then other cues can be used to know your ovulation date for instance, basal body temperature and cervical mucus. Sexual Position Sexual positions that entail deep penetration optimize the chance of conceiving a baby boy. The closer you can drop sperms to cervix, easier it gets for male sperm to reach the egg first."

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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

"Thanks mums. Will try to consume more meats. And of cos also let nature takes its course. :)"

fonnie lo

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Linda Lim Shiaw Wei answered:

"Y sperms thrive better in alkaline conditions. So meat and red wine works. An article even suggested washing the pubic area with baking soda solution to create an alkaline condition. And not to forget, the chinese tong shu ;p It uses the mummy's lunar age, and shows the likelihood of getting boy/girl in specific lunar months. Jovial, get from me if you want ;p"

yang wei 753

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Lynette Ong Jun Yi answered:

"Have intercourse a day before or on the day of ovulation, as the sperm carrying the Y chromosome swims faster than the one with the X chromosome. Having a balanced diet is important. Try to relax too! Don't put pressure on yourselves! Good luck!"

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Rei Yang Hui Fang answered:

"Dr Shettles Method. Do it on ovulation day. Y sperm swim faster. Have deep penetration. Abstain from sex for a few days before ovulation as X sperm tends to survive longer."

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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

"Penetration should be as deep as possible. This ensures that the Y sperm is deposited nearer the cervix which is more alkaline and thus more favourable for them to survive. In addition to that, couples are adviced to abstain away from sex for about 3-4 days to maximise the number of Y sperms produced. It’s also best that women have an orgasm before penetration, in order to maintain an alkaline environment. In addition, women are advised to douche with water and baking soda, as it’s believed to boost alkalinity."

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Wendy Tan Suat Hoon answered:

"Ya, I agree with Florencia, eat lots of meat. Both hubby and myself are carnivores and got 2 boys. In addition, when planning for baby, try to have intercourse just before the ovulation period. According to some articles, chances of conceiving a boy is higher as the sperm carrying the Y chromosome swims faster and has a shorter life span. Therefore will reach the egg first and produce a XY pair egg."

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Wong Sook Fuan / Andrew Lim answered:

"You have to do it during the ovulation day to have a higher chance of getting a boy."

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