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Not Much Baby Movement on Plus-Size Pregnant Moms



Arora Valley answered:

"The first movements of the baby (called; quickening;) can occur between 14 and 26 weeks. At 26 weeks you may or may not notice fetal movement. If you've noticed it once and haven't felt it again, it's probably because of the baby's position; maybe the baby is facing and kicking inward instead of outward (where you can feel it). It's also possible that the fetus is moving when you are sleeping or too busy to notice the movements. If you're overweight, you may not notice the movements until the latter end of the pregnancy, when the baby becomes more active. Be on the lookout for quickening after eating a meal, while you are lying still. At 28 weeks fetal movement is much more obvious and continuous. If at that point you've noticed lack of movement for 24 hours or more, you should consult your doctor. If possible, try not to gain too much weight with your pregnancy. "


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Connie Ang Cheau Jye answered:

"Generally, if you have high BMI, you would feel your baby's movement later on in pregnancy than people who have lower BMI, however, other factors are also involved. if this is your first pregnancy, most probably you're not aware of your baby moving around until about 18 - 20 weeks, this is because you aren't familiar with the sensation. In addition, if your placenta is positioned in such a way that's cushioning your baby's movement, this may also cause you not being able to feel your baby move. Hence, it is not certain that if you are plus-size you will not be able to feel your baby move. "


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Felicia Goh Sim Huay answered:

"If you are on the plump side, you will feel your baby's 1st movement later than skinny girls. But by 26wks, you should be able to feel your baby's movements. If your baby has not been moving alot all along, I think it's fine. But if baby has been active & suddenly inactive then it's a sign for alarm. Check with your gynae on how you feel to chk if it's normal for baby to not move that much."

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