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Fetal Kicks: Is There A Way To Adjust Fetus's Sleeping Pattern?



Arora Valley answered:

"Your baby is probably active throughout the day. It is very common to be most aware of fetal movement during the night when our own lives are calm and we are lying quietly in bed. Presumably, this is because we are more distracted during daytime hours while we are busy moving, talking, working and focusing on the world around us. Unborn babies have their own sleep cycles, but there is no way to control when or how a baby moves. In fact, fetal movement is considered a sign of fetal health. So, even though losing sleep is annoying, you should be reassured that your baby is vigorous and healthy. In some ways, the sleep interruptions you experience now may be nature’s way of preparing you for your baby’s sleep and wake patterns after the delivery. Light exercising during the day may increase your ability to sleep more deeply at night (and be less disturbed by your baby’s movement while you sleep.) Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages in the evening (they can stimulate babies, too!), and spend a little time meditating or listening to music as your prepare for the actual day."


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April Lim Peirong answered:

"I had the same experience, my girl was active before my bedtime, her powerful kicks will appeared and super active. In the day, she was quiet. Like Sonia mentioned, communicate with your child, I got my hubby to tell her, hubby stroked my tummy and told her, our little darling, your mummy is tired ands she wants to sleep, you be a good girl and sleep with your mummy. Daddy and mummy will sayang a good girl more when you arrive so be good. It works and it is a great way for daddy to bond with the baby and my girl recognize daddy's voice. She will response when he talks to her, can feel her excitement."


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Dewi Pandi answered:

"I experienced the same like you when I carry my first girl, and indeed, after she was born, she woke up alot at night. hiks.... I wish i know earlier too to adjust her sleeping pattern. Now, that Im pregnant with my 3rd, I notice that at night, my baby is also more active at night, thus, I tried to talk to him and give him a soothing music to try put him to sleep at night instead. I believe talking to your baby and soothing music may help to adjust her sleeping pattern. also, the brightness of light. If u'd like the fetus to sleep, you may tell her and off the light to give her sign that dark means night time, time to sleep :)"


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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

"Talk to the baby. Baby can understand and co-operate. I talk to my baby a lot, even telling him what we are having for lunch. You can try talking, singing and even playing with the baby."


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Evonne Soh answered:

"According to some books I read, baby loves to move when we are resting. In fact, in the later part of the pregnancy when we are told to count baby's kick counts, we were told to "rest" if we do not feel too much movement and see if the baby moves. it is normal. So not sure if you really want to change the sleeping pattern."


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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

"Hi, I have this same experience with u. My baby alys kick box in my womb around 2am plus. I just let it be. :) but my fren told me we can actually wake the baby up in the day by shaking lightly and moving ur stomach, liddat she will be awake. Haa. I donno whether its a good way but no harm trying. Not too hard please. :)"

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