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Weight Gain During Pregnancy By Trimester


Arora Valley answered:

As recommended by HPB, pregnant women who were of normal weight before pregnancy (i.e. BMI 18.5-24.9) should aim for an average of 0.5-2kg during the 1st trimester and an average of 0.36-0.45 kg per week during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. The total average weight gain through your pregnancy should be between 11.3 - 15.9 kg. It is important to maintain your weight in the healthy weight gain range, as putting on too much weight in pregnancy increases your risk of developing gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension and a higher chance of requiring a cesarean section (C-section). Women who are overweight also have a tendency to have a longer labor and this can escalate your blood pressure and your breathing. If this happens, this can put both you and the baby at risk. Therefore, doctor might request a C-Section to help. It is recommended to have a nutrient-dense rather than calorie-dense diet for mothers-to-be. Use the Healthy Diet Pyramid (made up by four food groups) as recommended by HPB to achieve a balanced diet. Putting on weight slowly and steadily is best. If you’re worried about your weight gain, always talk to your health care provider.

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Tony Tan answered:

Those who have excessive weight gain or who are obese at the beginning of pregnancy are at higher risks for miscarriages, assisted vaginal deliveries and Caesarean sections.

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Lynn Lim Hui Ling answered:

My 2nd trimester I put on more than 5kg, Gynae nvr ask me to slow down on my weight gain. During my pregnancy I gain total of 20Kg:) I was on normal delivery w/o epidural. My bb weigh at 3.66kg. Answering to yr question, I'm 82kg (overweight) when I deliver.

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Wendy Tan Suat Hoon answered:

I'm overweight before I got pregnant. Upon confirming my pregnancy, my gynae advised me not to put on too much weight in case I develop gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. My gynae was more concern if I develop high blood pressure, which will lead to pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. So when these conditions happen, C Sect would most likely be the birth option. However, you might want to talk to your gynae about this and ask if he has any concern over your weight gain. As what Lynnie mentioned, there are indeed some mummies who gained alot of weight but still managed to have natural birth.

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April Lim Peirong answered:

Before pregnancy, I was 43kg but I put on 20.5kg during pregnancy but never once did my gynae asked me to control my weight. I was worried if I could shed those weight though and will there be complications during labour but I delivered my daughter through normal delivery without epidural weighing 3.04kg. I do not think that overweight will be more prone to C-Sect unless you have other health conditions, baby not in the correct delivery position, umblical cord round the baby's neck or as my gynae mentioned I would have needed a C-Sect if my baby would have been heavier as my pelvic wall is too thin and that will pose a danger to baby and child. Your gynae would be able to advise you whether u require C-Sect unless its an emergency C-Sect. The gynae utmost concern is the safety of you and your baby and will advise u accordingly.

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Lee Wina answered:

me too.. gain 20++kg, before pregnant, my weight was 52 kg, when deliver my weight was 75kg.. Last scanning bb weight is 3.2Kg, but actual when bb born, her weight is 3.5Kg. Induce labour Without Epidural because i did not have any sign of labour on EDD.

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