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Piles During Pregnancy


Reasons for piles in pregnancy

There are a number of reasons why pregnancy piles affect mums-to-be: 

  • Your body has more blood circulating around it during pregnancy –    making all your veins a little more dilated. Unfortunately that means    the delicate veins around your bottom may get sluggish and swollen    too, especially when your ever-growing uterus is putting extra pressure on them.
  • Straining to go to the toilet is a common cause, so if you’reconstipated like many mums-to-be, eating an extra fibrous diet and    drinking lots of water should help your haemorrhoids.

Piles medication

Unfortunately, there's only a limited selection of medication you can take  for piles during pregnancy, so ask your doctor which piles cream, ointment or  suppository you could use.


Piles medication isn’t the only answer – here are a few other things you  can try to speed up your recovery: 

  • Ease the pressure on your abdomen by lying on your left side every few hours if you can. About 20 minutes of putting your feet up should do    the trick.
  • Avoid perfumed soaps, talcs or wet wipes. Wash your bottom with plain water after each bowel movement and dry yourself well. Loose fitting    cotton underwear will help you feel fresh.
  • Go to the toilet whenever you feel the urge – don't put it off!
  • Avoid straining and constipation
  • Try a little gentleexercise to improve your general circulation.
  • Avoid too much sitting or standing and relax in a warm bath if you're troubled by itching. If that doesn't suit you, some people    recommend an ice pack instead.
Piles In Pregnancy: Reasons & Self-Help

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