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Postpartum Massage After C-Section Delivery



Roxanne answered:

"Post natal massage may help to improve circulation and make you more relaxed. Most masseuers will suggest that you start post-natal massage one week after normal delivery and one month after c-section. It is best to get your doctor’s approval especially if you have done a c-section as the rate of recovery for each person is different. Some ladies' bodies take faster to heal while others need more time. Starting the massage too early will lengthen your recovery rate."

Fonnie Lo


Fonnie Lo answered:

"For vaginal delivery without complication, you can start as soon as you feel comfortable after delivery. For Caesarian Section or complicated delivery such as postpartum bleeding, you need to check with your doctor as recovery rate is different from every individuals. You might need to wait for 4 to 6 weeks before you can start your body massage, but you can start the massage of shoulder, hands and legs earlier."

Brenda Ang Bee Ming

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Brenda Ang Bee Ming answered:

"Yeh, it does shrink the tummy a lot if you can do it quickly during the confinement period, the malay masseuer is also very experience so they tend to avoid your wound and tummy area, and focus more on the other areas to help regain back the sagging shape after childbirth. Top it up you can relax down for a moment during this stressful period of having a newly born at home, while enjoy the massage and talking to an experience mother masseuer who can share with you some useful tips.. I personally enjoy the hot stone massage as it helps to get rid of water & wind retention."

April Lim Peirong

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April Lim Peirong answered:

"For normal delivery, can start as soon as you are discharge from hospital while C-sec needs to wait for the wound to heal but it is best to get the doctor to confirm that you are ready for the massage. Starting too early may increase post natal bleeding, if you experience heavy bleeding or increase in blood flow, best to stop the massages and consult the doctor to ensure that everything is fine. For C-sect, massage should focus on feet, head, arms and back, do avoid scar and abdomen for the first 6 weeks."

Jacqueline Koh Mei Yu

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Jacqueline Koh Mei Yu answered:

"I delivered naturally, so my massge started a week after i came home. The massage was very relaxing. Although the wrap is not very comfortable but i strongly recommed as it would help to correct your squatting, sitting and carrying posture. Most importantly, my tummy became smaller after the first wrap."

Winnie Tay Lu Ling

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Winnie Tay Lu Ling answered:

"I was told by a certified post natal masseuer that for normal delivery is 7 days and c sec is 21 days. My Malay messeuer also came only after a week."

Maggie Ng

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Maggie Ng answered:

"I delivered naturally & asked my gynae about this in the delivery suite. He said in a week's time if I didn't remember wrongly. I had my massage after bb is 2weeks' old. Because of the cloth binding that you have to wear for at least 6hours after the massage which can be quite uncomfortable initially, I had it done before my bb's full month celebration."

Maggie Ng

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Maggie Ng answered:

"The massage will help to relax your body, helping your milk supply too."

Evonne Soh

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Evonne Soh answered:

"I was told its after 7 days at least for natural. For c-sect, it depends on you and how fast you recover. I vaguely recall the jamu massage salon i signed up with recommended me to wait at least a month."

Selena Tay Mui Keng

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Selena Tay Mui Keng answered:

"For natural delivery, after 1 week. for C sect, at least 3 weeks. I asked my Javanese masseur to come after 1 week (for 5 consecutive days) for both my deliveries. Back to shape very quickly, could fit into most of my pre -pregnancy clothes during full month celebration at 3 weeks plus, only 1 kg more than pre-pregnancy weight at 2-3 weeks check up at gynae..."


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Lynn Lim Hui Ling answered:

"For normal delivery is 1 week after delivery. This is advise by the masseur. "

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