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Can I Eat Sushi When I'm Pregnant?


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April Lim Peirong answered:

"I had that craving too when I was pregnant but stayed away as not only may it contain raw food, the sushi may not be freshly prepare which may contain bacteria hence it is better to be safe then to be sorry. As not only will you suffer, the little one in your tummy will feel discomfort too."

april lim peirong


Arora Valley answered:

"Certain kinds of sushi are not safe to consume during pregnancy, while other types are perfectly safe. Sushi, which sometimes contains raw or undercooked fish and meats should be avoided because of the risk of contamination with bacteria and salmonella. Raw fish can contain tapeworms and other parasites that your body (and your baby) cannot fight off effectively while pregnant. It's safe to eat sushi, as long as any raw fish used to make it has been frozen beforehand. Stay away from any kind of sushi made from fish that may contain high levels of mercury like swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish and shark, instead choose low mercury fish, such as salmon and shrimp. Mercury consumed during pregnancy has been linked to development delays and brain damage in the developing fetus. Vegetarian sushi or sushi with cooked fish, such as California rolls and unagi rolls, however, are safe. Pregnant women should also try to obtain their food from reputable establishments that store, handle, and cook their meals fresh and hygienically."

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Belle Tan Xiao Hui answered:

"I still go eat sushi just that I will only order those with cooked meat one e.g. crab sticks or prawn. Actually we are told cannot eat raw fish because we don't know how the raw fish are processed at the restuarants outside. I read some articles online with regards to this and they say in Japan, women still eat Sashimi but they processed the fish at home, make sure is freezed at certain temp to kill all e germs n bacteria and must be served immediately from fridge to prevent the breeding of any virus at room temp. But then again, to play safe, I totally restrain from raw food including caesar salad. =p"


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Charmaine Ong Yong Yu answered:

"My gynae told me if I really have craving for raw food like sashimi, just be sure to patronize those well reputated Japanese restaurants as food is fresh and handled with care and hygiene. Basically it is fine to tAke almost everything during pregnancy , the keyword is in moderation! I take salmon sashimi about twice every month during pregnancy."



Claudine Tan answered:

"If the ingredients in your sushi are all cooked, by all means enjoy it. However, it’s raw fish that is the issue here. It is usually safe to eat sushi made with raw fish but rarely, parasites and bacteria can be present in raw meat/fish and shellfish, and this can lead to serious illnesses. It might not directly affect your fetus but can cause you to become quite sick. If you cannot be sure of the quality of the raw fish, it is best to not take a risk."


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Felicia Huang Xinhui answered:

"It is advisable to avoid raw fish and meat during pregnancy due to possible bacteria contamination. So I would suggest skipping sashimi and raw sushi. cooked sushi should be fine. but do take note of the preparation process. some restaurants use the same chopping board for both raw and cooked food, so avoid eating the sushi at such restaurants"


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Florencia Edith Wiria answered:

"Sure! Just as long as you avoid the uncooked fish and other seafood. Otherwise, a lot of sushi creations nowadays contain cooked ingredients. A lot of sushi also contains lots of vegetables, beancurd skin, cucumber, etc. that are healthy for pregnant moms. Just ask the waiter if a particular sushi contain uncooked ingredient if you're not sure. Most importantly, ENJOY yourself while pregnant! =)"


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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

"Hi, you can eat sushi but irs better to avoid raw food. For other types of food, you can eat all in moderation. For me, not knowing i was preg, i had drank green tea and ate pineapple throughout my 1st 3months of preg, and my baby girl is healthy and as fit as a bull. :)"


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June Soo Woon Woon answered:

"Its best not to consume raw food during pregnancy because of the risk of contamination with coliform bacteria, salmonella etc."


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Low Yen Chew answered:

"Actually u can if u check when was the fish what temperature...any chances of the bad bacteria growth.. Eventually i gave up on the craving I had craving for crabs too but my gynae advised unless its Alaska Crab..the rest of the species better not..due to crabs feed on rubbish under the not healthy"


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Lynette Ong Jun Yi answered:

"It's best to avoid sashimi & sushi containing raw food, as these may contain bacteria which could cause harm to you & especially your baby. Some of friends still ate sashimi when they were pregnant. However, I think it's safer not to put yours and your baby's lives at risk."


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Pauline Sim Puay Hiang answered:

"i understand that some sushi are safe to eat because it is fully cooked but I would still think it is not safe to eat. why do I say so? Becos it may be the same person preparing the food and that person may get contact to the raw salon etc and continue to handle cooked sushi. So if can avoid, i will avoid unless e craving is so intense."


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Wong Sook Fuan / Andrew Lim answered:

"My gynae advise me not to take any raw food during pregnancy which includes sashimi and sushi."

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