Pregnant Mother Belly Photo

Pregnant Mother Belly Photo


Can Pregnant Women Eat Seafood or Should It Be Avoided?


Arora Valley answered:

Most fish and seafood are safe to eat in pregnancy, but avoid those high in mercury, undercooked fish (there should be no pink bits left) and raw fish in dishes like sushi or steak tartare. Some types of sushi (such as steamed crab and cooked eel), are fine to eat while you're pregnant. Fish like Swordfish, marlin and shark can contain potentially unsafe levels of naturally-occurring mercury which can harm your baby’s developing nervous system. Oysters and other shellfish should be avoided during pregnancy, unless they are part of a hot meal and have been thoroughly cooked. This is because, when they are raw, they might be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause food poisoning.

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Eveyln Low Ling Lin answered:

Agreed with Arora Valley's reply. Whatever is the case, don't overdose on all food and sure will be safe :)


Claudine Tan answered:

Seafood is a good source of protein, iron and other nutrients that you require during your pregnancy. However, large predatory fish such as shark, swordfish and even tuna can contain mercury which can be harmful to the development of the fetus if consumed in too large amounts thus it is best to limit your portions per week. As long as the seafood is fresh and cooked properly, the risk of infection from parasites or bacteria is minimal and should be fine to consume.

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