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Healthy Snacks To Eat During Pregnancy


Tony Tan answered:

Healthy snacks include fruits and vegetables (e.g. salads, carrots), nuts, dates, yoghurt, and cereals with milk.


Arora Valley answered:

Most pregnant women take smaller but more frequent meals. If you need a small snacks in between main meals, here are some healthy ideas: -Corn-on-the-cob: Brush olive oil over steamed corn. -Cereal ‘n’ milk: Have whole-grain cereal or oats with low-fat milk. Top with some sliced fruit. -Homemade strawberry milkshake: Blend ½ cup of low-fat yoghurt, ¼ glass of low-fat milk and ¹/³ cup of strawberries, bananas or any fruit of choice for a delicious smoothie. -Fruit kebabs: Thread some cubes of apples or grapes onto satay sticks and serve with a small tub of low-fat yoghurt. -Sandwiches: Toast wholemeal bread and include different fillings (e.g. baked beans,low-fat cheese, an omelette or cooked sardines/tuna). -Handful of nuts: Have a handful of mixed nuts for a quick snack or mix some ready-to-eat cereal, dried fruit and nuts in a sandwich bag for a snack on-the-go. -Home-made yoghurt dips: with carrot sticks and celery. -Popiah, steamed dim sums, Vietnamese rice paper spring rolls and savory mungbean cake (ang ku kueh).

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Pauline Sim Puay Hiang answered:

U may try keeping some yoghurt bar (eg Quaker / Uncle Toby) in ur bag. I also eat Sunsweet prune when I was pregnant cos it aid the bowel system. Besides that, u may try snacking organic dried fruits.

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June Soo Woon Woon answered:

Lots of fruits, cereals, yogurt. Cut down on sugary, high fat snacks such as fizzy drinks, chocolates, ice cream etc. Empty calories, and you will put on more weight.

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Jenny Wong Lee Yen answered:

mixed nuts, fruits and yogurt! sometimes i go for mini pao as well!

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Jenny Chew answered:

Sandwiches, fruits, whole grain cereals (for fibre), low fat milk, smoothie. I particularly love smoothie becos it is great tasting and its very healthy! It also tends to make me feel full so that I have lesser cravings. Yogurt is also good, and i love non-fat frozen cold yogurt!

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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

For me, i treat strawberry as my snack. And also choc. :) just eat what you crave for and eat in moderation. :)

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Rachel Kleinman answered:

walnuts are brain food and good for baby! i eat them as snack and also add them in my salads for that extra crunch! =)

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Lim Yat Sim answered:

Yogurt with almond or walnut is healthy. I sometimes top it with banana ans berries.

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Cherlyn Wong Shee Ling answered:

I took lots of high calcium milk (the normal calcium pills gave me constipation, so i skipped that), yogurts, pasturised cheese. Food high in good fats such as Avocado are suitable as well...

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