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Is Chrysanthemum Tea Safe to Drink During Pregnancy?

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Gurpeet Kaur Bajaj answered:

A medicinal herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum is purported to reduce fevers, chest pain and high blood pressure, as a result of its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. chrysanthemum tea is not safe to drink when pregnant. Expectant mothers who have questions about using chrysanthemum tea should seek additional guidance from a physician. Chrysanthemum is unsafe to use when pregnant, because this herbal supplement may stimulate the uterus. Abnormal uterine stimulation during pregnancy may result in miscarriage, preterm labor or low birth weight.


Karen Pek answered:

Chrysanthemum Flower is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) commonly used to disperse wind-heat and to clear the liver heat. It is especially beneficial for relieving sore throats, sore eyes, headaches and fever. However, due to its cooling properties, pregnant mothers are not recommended to take Chrysanthemum Flower drink excessively. The cooling properties of Chrysanthemum drink in its packet form is much reduced compared to that boiled from the herb. Thus, chrysanthemum packeted drinks are generally considered safe for all. For pregnant mothers, the best form of fluid intake is warm water. Also, it is best to consult a TCM Physician to assess if your body constitution is suitable to take any herbal products.

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Liu Sufen Joleen answered:

Packet Chrysanthemum Tea is ok but in moderation due to the sugar content.


Arora Valley answered:

Chrysanthemum tea is known for its medicinal properties and health benefits. Packet form of Chrysanthemum tea (with less sugar and Healthier Choice Symbol) is safe to drink during pregnancy. But always remember moderation is the key. Use of fresh chrysanthemums or products containing chrysanthemum bought from Chinese medical hall are never recommended during pregnancy, as there is inadequate evidence to support the safety of drinking tea made from fresh chrysanthemums during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Chrysanthemum is unsafe to use when pregnant because this herbal supplement may stimulate the uterus. Hypersensitivity to chrysanthemums is another reason why drinking this herbal tea may be unsafe during pregnancy. Pregnant women should speak with their doctor or other healthcare provider before drinking any herbal teas or taking any herbal products.

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