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Is It Safe to Take Collagen While Pregnant?


Claudine Tan answered:

Collagen is a naturally occurring animal protein and is found in tissues such as ligaments, tendons and the skin. Our skin is kept soft and supple by the presence of collagen. Generally collagen supplements are derived from natural sources and are safe but it is important to also look at the other ingredients in the supplement. Most experts however, do not feel that it is beneficial as the collagen needs to be broken down into smaller components (amino acids) before our body can absorb it.

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Blissfulthots answered:

I understand that the original Japanese label doesn’t caution pregnant women. It's best to check with your physician first if you wana take this. Pregnancy diet affects the foetus, so best to be extra cautious.


Dione Law answered:

Collagens are proteins derived from animal tissues, important for your skin, bones, tendons and cartilage. It is generally safe to consume, but if you’re pregnant, it is advisable to consult your doctor about the consumption of collagen powder drinks. Your nutrition during pregnancy is very important to your baby's development, hence it is important to take a healthy and well balanced diet throughout your pregnancy, using the HPB's healthy pyramid as a guide. In fact, foods high in Vitamin C can help to make collagen naturally, which is a healthier option. These include citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and fortified cereals or juices.

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