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Is It Safe to Eat Kimchi & Sashimi During Pregnancy?

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Peggy Yeo Tuan Pey answered:

My gynecologist advised me not to take raw food during pregnancy. Hence, I believe that you should not eat sashimi.

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Jenny Wong Lee Yen answered:

Raw sushi and sashimi may contain bacteria/parasites that can make you sick during pregnancy. And because pregnancy suppresses our immune system, we are much more susceptible to serious illness. Hence better avoid sushi and sashimi for our baby's sake....


Arora Valley answered:

Sashimi, which contains raw or undercooked fish and meats should be avoided because of the risk of contamination with bacteria and salmonella. Raw fish can contain tapeworms and other parasites that your body (and your baby) cannot fight off effectively while pregnant. It's safe to eat sashimi and sushi, as long as any raw fish used to make it has been frozen beforehand. Also stay away from any kind of sashimi made from fish that may contain high levels of mercury which has been linked to development delays and brain damage in the fetus.

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