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When To Start Drinking Maternal Milk?

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Desmond Wong answered:

Can drink during pregnancy n after birth. Some gynaes dun promote maternal milk one.. but i used to take also when i was a supplement. But I hv frds who took dumex mama as its sugar free n stil taste great n they took it during pregnancy n breastfeeding period. If your gynaes already gives u folic acid etc then u stil can take maternal milk.. no prob.


Roxanne answered:

You may start taking maternal milk as soon as you realized you are pregnant. Maternal milk will provide you with the necessary nutrients needed for your pregnancy. It is important to include a maternal milk supplement such as Mamil® Mama with PreciNutri™ during your pregnancy as it provides you with 100% of your daily folic acid requirements, 60% of your daily calcium requirements and 65% of your daily iron requirements during your pregnancy. Moreover, it is a sucrose-free formula which is healthier and could prevent the unnecessary weight gain during your pregnancy. If you are keen to find out more or request for a free trial sample, do register as a member at or call Dumex Careline for assistance.

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