Breastfeeding is the best for babies and a healthy diet / maternal nutrition is important when breastfeeding. A decision not to breastfeed can be difficult to reverse. Infant formula is suitable from birth when babies are not breastfed. It is recommended that all formula milks be used on the advice of a doctor, midwife, health visitor, public health nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, or other professional responsible for maternal and child care and the financial implications should be considered. All preparation and feeding instructions should be followed carefully as inappropriate preparation could lead to health hazards.


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Goh Yan Zhen jesslin

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Goh Yan Zhen jesslin answered:

"Hi am not sure if this will be helpful. There's a Gynae talk at 77 Robinsons road, Level 12. Tomorrow morning (Saturday, 3rd October), 10am to 12pm. Refreshments provided. It's a free session for a health awareness campaign organized by Tokio Marine and Dr. Christopher Chong, whom is the Guest speaker. There's a Q&A interactive session as well which u may pose ur enquiries to him direct. It's open to public and U may rsvps at +65-97479244. Hope it'll be helpful. Cheers!"

Evonne Soh

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Evonne Soh answered:

"I have went to 5 gynaes before deciding on my current gynae. I feel it very much depends on your comfort level with the gynae and how much you trust him/her. Some prefer very caring and careful gynae whilst other prefer the no nonsense type which can provide better assurances. In other words, the selection of gynae is very peersonal. Personally, I prefer male than female gynae as male gynae is more gentle."

Pauline Sim Puay Hiang

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Pauline Sim Puay Hiang answered:

"I prefer a female gynae and it is not true that female gynae are not gentle, just speaking based on my experience. I feel that female gynae will understand us better. In fact, my gynae is a mother of three so I feel more comfortable as she also faces the same issues as us before so it will be easier to talk to her on our concerns."

Winnie Tay Lu Ling

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Winnie Tay Lu Ling answered:

"I think a few factors to consider when choosing your gynae. Firstly, which hospital would you prefer to deliver your baby. From there, look at the gynaes who have a clinic around the area you are staying. Just imagine this. You will have to visit your gynae every 3 weeks in the 1st trimester, every month in your 2nd trimester and every 2-3 weeks in your 3rd trimester. By the time you reach your 3rd trimester, would you want to do all that long travelling? Also, look up forums as many mums have posted their views on their gynae. Just do plenty of research and you will be able to decide which gynae is right for you. Although you have to also look at how comfortable you are with a male gynae. I know of some mums who are pretty off that idea. Personally, my gynae is male. I would still go back to him for my next baby."

April Lim Peirong

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April Lim Peirong answered:

"We started our search by asking recommendations from friends and went online to search and read reviews. Hubby wanted a gynae who is friendly and able to answer our queries and honest opinions as we were 1st time parents. Other factors you may want to consider include location of the clinic, choice of hospital, Gynae charges and what does the package include. For choice of hospital, you may want to call up the hospitals to sign up for hospital tour, some may need to wait up to one month. The choice of hospital will narrow down your list of gynaes. Usually packages start from 16 weeks, but best not to start the package till you have found the gynae you are comfortable with. My male gynae shares his own opinion but of course the final decision lies with us. For example, he was asking if we wanted to do Oscar Scan, he went through the pros and cons and told us if no matter what circumstances you will keep the baby then give this scan a miss. We took his advice and chose to believe our baby will be healthy as we sill not abort the foteus. Initially I wanted a female gynae but ended up choosing a male gynae as most people said guys are more gentle as female gynaes may have gone through delivery and hence will feel not that empathy as they went through delivery before. Hope the above information will help you in the selection of a good gynae."

Felicia Goh Sim Huay

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Felicia Goh Sim Huay answered:

"mmmm... personally, I prefer female gynae. I feel a bit weird for another male other then my hubby to look down there & poke their finger in to check for dilatiion & all. It's very important for you to feel very comfy with the gynae. U must be able to tell her whatever & however you feel. She should listen to you patiently. I dislike gynaes who seem to be in a hurry because she has many patients to attend to. My sis went to one gynae who made her feel like it's wrong to be pregnant. Yes and check out which hospital your gynae would prefer to deliver you. I've friend who wanted to deliver at Mt A, she didn't really tell her gynae. Until like last few weeks then he gynae told her that he only delivers at TMC. So my friend got to book wards & etc last min. The 1st gynae I went to was quite warm, however my hubby dislikes her as she gives him a feeling that she only wants to earn money. So I think your hubby can also play a part in helping you to decide."

Linda Lim Shiaw Wei

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Linda Lim Shiaw Wei answered:

"Personally, I had thought the same. Choose a female and save the embarrassment. But given that my pregnancies were complicated with spotting and uterine contractions, I began asking around and settled for a male gynae who is very seasoned and experienced in dealing with such complicated pregnancies. It's alright that I have 2 injections per week for a few months, that I have to swallow up to 20+ tablets per day to stabilise the baby, and that I have to wake up even in the middle of the night to continue to take the medicine, so long I have a good gynae to teach me what to do and safeguard my little ones, alls worthwhile at the end of the day. Ask around friends or even through such discussion boards, there will be mummies who had braved through challenging times and be most glad to share. Mummies are the greatest!!"

Wendy Tan Suat Hoon

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Wendy Tan Suat Hoon answered:

"You can always ask your friends or relatives for recommendation. Personally, I decided on my gynae based on my comfort level with him. I like my gynae to be proactive and talkative. Not those types that see you and don't talk much to you until you ask questions. It's a very personal thing since it depends on what you are looking for. Some of my friends choose a gynae based on distance to their homes, some based on costs, and some based on the hospitals the gynae will deliver the babies. So before you go to one, list down the criteria and see if the one you seeing fits."

Felvira Yeo Xiu Hui

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Felvira Yeo Xiu Hui answered:

"For me, it is very important to be happy during the pregnant period and I was lucky enough to get a gynae whom is very open minded and have a set of free thinking. His smile and positivity is enough for me to feel comfortable every visit. So far there r no restriction from him on what to eat n not ( except raw stuff) , cold hot spicy is all alright with him, his reply would always"eat everything which you free like eating or makes u happy" , I free very carefree with his mindset and my baby was also born healthy n happy and most importantly very quickly and easy. I did feel a bit uncomfortable at first as he is a male, but after a feel visit, his smile n words really made me feel at ease,even my husband was ok!"

Ruth Tan Kheng Ling

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Ruth Tan Kheng Ling answered:

"As this is my first pregnancy, I had initially wanted a female gynae, but eventually I chose a male gynae based on recommendation through a relative and having googled on the gynae for his professionalism and feedback from other mummies. My gynae talks very little so each check up is less than 5mins, but he has a positive vibe. I assume that no news is good news and he doesn't give unnecessary stress or too many rules on diet etc. After the first visit, I felt comfortable to sign up a package with him. Before you decide on sticking to a particular gynae, it is always good to ask around those who have recently given birth for their personal experience. You can also google to do your own research. Once you shortlist your gynaes, pay them a visit so that you can talk to him/her directly and see how comfortable you are with the gynae. Don't hesitate to change your gynae if you are uncomfortable. It is very important to have a gynae that makes you feel relax and confident throughout your pregnancy! So other than your comfort level with the gynae, the other important things to note will be which hospital(s) is the gynae attached to, location(s) of the clinic and cost (if any package is available). You can find out the cost by giving the clinic a call."

Gurpeet Kaur Bajaj

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Gurpeet Kaur Bajaj answered:

"Firstly it is you who is going to hv a baby so you hv to be comfortable & relax as at this stage u hv to be free minded . So there are a few things u sh check while u select yr gynae : 1. male or a female gynae as some are more comfortable with a female & some are more with the male doctor. with my experince i was very comfortable with my male gynae as he was soft spoken , was never in a rush to finish the appointment , would even recommend what kind of diet i sh tk & many more. 2. u want to hv yr baby in private hospital or government . 3. check for the hospital near to yr house as u dont know incase of emergency your travel time sh be rest & the doctor is informed well on time & the matter can be taken cr of. 4.while selecting the hospital do tk a tour of the maternity ward as you can also see the names of the doctors doing delivery & even the facilities as nursery, icu for babies , how many nurses in the nursery & so on. 5. Do even check for the baby doctor who will be working closer with yr gynae as you can choose from the pannel of doctors he is working with or if u want someone else. So dont hassel yrself go with what yr heart says as u hv to at ease & just ignore what people hv to say & give there opinion on yr decision.So be yr boss for yrself."

Sharon Chew Pei Juin

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Sharon Chew Pei Juin answered:

"Choosing a gynae is kind of like choosing a wedding gown. You'll know when you meet the one you are ready to go with. While trying to conceive, I visited 2 female gynaes cos I was more comfortable with the thought of a lady touching me. However, the first one couldn't solve problems and the 2nd one, although solved our problem, was much too rough and caused me pain. So i decided to try my friend's male gynae after hearing her reports on him. He's very experienced, and has a good sense of humor too. My husband and I felt very comfortable with him because he was confident and in control, and when I had a few occasions of spotting, he would always tell me to come in so he could make sure it's nothing serious. We took a package with him so it didn't cost us any extra."


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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

"Hi, my gynae is recommended by my fren. Its a private clinic. My gynae is a male. If u Don feel comfortable Having a male gynae, den its better u get a female gynae. Initially I also feel embarrassed but after awhile I got used to it. Selecting a good gynae is better with fren recommendation as they have had experience with the gynae. :) "

Koh Mee Ling Audrey

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Koh Mee Ling Audrey answered:

"When choosing a gynae, it is important to get recommendations from friends and family. However, you must first decide on whether you want to engage a male or male gynae. Secondly, you should choose which hospital you want to deliver in. You then have to check if your gynae can deliver in that hospital. Finally, you have to be comfortable with the gynae as he/she needs to reassure you and make important decisions when you feel nervous during the various stages of your pregnancy.:) "


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Maxy answered:

"I guess is not whether or not the doctor is good or not. I think the thing is how comfortable you are with the doctor! Ultimately, you must be comfortable enough with the doctor to even start asking questions. And that the doctor is also "friendly" enough to see to your needs and answer you doubts, plus of course what we as first time mother requires...a whole load of GOOD ADVICES! I found mine under good recommendation. Hope you'll find yours too! =)"

Susie Lit

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Susie Lit answered:

"Finding the right gynae may take some time, but it's worth doing your research and choosing someone you feel comfortable with. After all, your gynae will be the one helping you through your pregnancy and delivery so it is important to feel that you can speak to him or her freely. These are some factors you may want to consider; if the gynae is also an obstetrician. If he/she isn't you will need to see a different doctor at the time of your delivery. (only obstetricians are qualified to deliver babies) How easy is it to meet the gynae? How far is the gynae from your home? Does the gynae have a good reputation? Do you prefer a female gynae? Which hospital does the gynae goes for delivery. And most importantly, upon first visit how comfortable you are with the gynae."

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