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How To Convince Toddler To Take Medicine?

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Agnes Nemes answered:

"promise him that if he takes his medicine X number of times, he gets a trip to legoland or the water playground. we keep a chart where we record the number of times and our children are very motivated! "

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Apple Ng answered:

"Usually those lighter taste medicine like for the cough, i will add into milo or choco milk. Those thicker medicine like paracetamol or stronger smell like the antibiotics i will add into icecream for him. For me this is the best i can do as my son will always throw up if i force feed. Another way is try putting the medicine into yakult. "


Arora Valley answered:

" You can take advantage of certain tricks to help convince your child to take his medicine: Add the prescribed amount of medicine to a small amount of juice, yogurt or even peanut butter to mask the flavor. Just remember that he needs to finish the entire amount to get the full dose. Explain that the only way he'll get better is if he takes the medicine his pediatrician has prescribed. You can try using a syringe from the start as most kids think it's fun to use a syringe. Spoons and cups make it easier for your child to spit the medicine out. Have a glass of his favorite drink ready to wash away the nasty taste of the medicine. Offer a reward for cooperation, something special—a favorite food/game/book. Yet another option with toddlers is getting them chewable medications instead of liquids. You should take care to give the medications to your child according to the directions of your doctor . All medicines may lose their effectiveness after their expiration date, and many -- especially antibiotics -- must be used within days after being opened. Check the expiration date and replace any medications that are out of date. Store the medications at the correct temperatures. Medications that require refrigeration should be stored in fridge. Never use a medication that has changed color, texture, or odor, even if it has not expired. "

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Gurpeet Kaur Bajaj answered:

"Its the most tough job but mom u can do it . Firstly dont prepare medicine in front of him. Get him occupiedwith his favorite toy or tv show & then without delay just put it in his mouth with spoon or syringle. When using syringe put itthrough the side of ghe mough as it doesnt coom out easily & after he has had it , appreciate him luv him or hug him so that he wont remember about his medi ine. It is a little hard but with cool mind u can cure him better. But dont loose yr temper as they would get scared & will hate medicine. So relax & do it "

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Hong Hui Hui answered:

"Force feed after a few rounds of unsuccessful attempts. I tried mix with milk, give cheese after med, give treats(cakes, candies). Adverse effect of mixing in milk, my boy rejects milk for 3-4 days. Im so worried that I have to keep reminding him "mummy no put medicine in milk milk already" :( "

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Hong Hui Hui answered:

"Also, very hard to gauge how much medicine did he consume if he didnt manage to finish his milk. So for the full benefit of the sick child, force feed follow by treats :) "

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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

"Usually we will distract our child then faster put the medicine in her mouth. Else u can also put the medicine into milk. Normally I will check with doc to see if the medicine can be mix with milk. Leftover medicine must be discarded 3months after opening. The clinic staff will alys advise on how long the medicine can be keep after opening. If medicine not open, u can keep up to its expiry date stated on the bottle. "

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Joy Tang Sok Mun answered:

"I also force feed using syringe (using spoon usually results in spillage), and my girl will be bawling all the way. Had to be careful because she sometimes cried till she gagged and ended up vomitting. So i usually give meds just before milk or food. After a certain phase, she started to accept what medicine was for and would take from spoon even though she was crying. For storage, it's best to follow instructions on the label. Not all need to be refrigerated, just a cool area not in direct sunlight will do (cupboard for me). Once expiry date up, discard.  "

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June Soo Woon Woon answered:

"I will keep the leftover medication in the fridge. According to hospital, you can keep up to 6months in the fridge, but I usually keep about 3months."

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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

"I ever tried mixing the medi into his milk. End up... He refused to drink milk for a couple of days. Now what I did is by force! "

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Wendy Tan Suat Hoon answered:

"Back then for boy when he was younger, we force feed him the medicine. Unless the medicine is sweet, then he is more willing to take it. As he grows older, he understands that medicine is good for him, so not an issue anymore. However, I don't really think it is a good idea to put medicine in the milk. If your son don't finish the milk, then you will not be able to know how much medicine he consumes. also, putting medicine in the milk will change the taste of the milk, it might make him turn off milk. So better to separate medicine from milk. I always keep opened medicine for 3 months, after which I will discard. Somehow, I think the medicine seem to lose it effectiveness if kept too long.  "


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